Lydia Jane Hazlehurst

Postgraduate Research Student & Graduate Teaching Assistant

Liverpool Law School

0151 795 0582


Having completed her LL.B (hons) degree at the University of Liverpool, Lydia joined the School of Law and Social Justice as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and PhD Candidate in September 2016. Lydia teaches on a number of modules at the University of Liverpool, including Contract Law and English Legal System and Skills.


Lydia began her PhD in 2016 concerning itself with the principles of - and challenges to - judicial independence and accountability. Her work considers the impact of an emerging digital network on the independence and accountability of the judiciary and how the internet is being used as a resource for discourse in a way that differs from traditional platforms for institutional discourse, such as print media and broadcast media. Lydia's work outlines examples of judicial engagement and profiling and calls into question the suitability of the regulations that currently govern judicial conduct online.

Theis title

Judicial Independence and Accountability in the Digital Age


"An Analysis of the Prisoner Voting Saga: Mixed Messages from Strasbourg, Euro-scepticism in the UK and the Continuing Legitimacy of the Convention System in Europe" (2015) UOLLR 1 (1)