Thesis Title

Consequences of United Kingdom Withdrawal from the European Union on Collective Security Mechanisms


Danielle completed her BA (Hons) at Hamilton College with distinction in both World Politics and Chinese (2008 – 2012); during which she attended intensive language study in Beijing, for varying intervals (2010 – 2011). After working for five years in Hangzhou PRC, Danielle completed her MA in Security and International Law (Distinction) at the University of Manchester (2017 – 2018).


Danielle’s qualifying research papers for her MA were titled ‘Acquiescence to the Use of Force in IL’ and ‘War in the Cyber Realm: Expanding Legal Applicability’. Danielle spent the last portion of her MA degree in D.C. as a graduate intern on the Cyber, Space and Future Conflict programme at the International Institute for Strategic Studies. Danielle’s internship provided her insight to the policy considerations of military and defence operations, Statecraft and international legal development. In further assessment of the legal impact on collective security mechanisms between the UK and the EU, Danielle began her research and studentship at the University of Liverpool in January 2019 as a Hodgson Scholar.