Liverpool Economic Governance Unit

The Liverpool Economic Governance Unit brings together a diverse range of researchers interested in the challenges and opportunities afforded by changes in global economic governance.

The core objective of LEGU members is to conduct cutting-edge and internationally recognised research in economic governance. Globalisation and the rise of neo-liberal economic and political principles have resulted in a new and complex set of relationships between the state, society and markets. This new governance landscape provides researchers fertile ground to explore new phenomena.

Our expertise covers a wide area of study including: international energy law, trade law, investment law, company and commercial law, corporate governance, banking and financial services law, competition law, consumer and health protection, and intellectual property rights.

Members also engage in theoretical research aspiring to understand the complex relationships between state, society, and markets from a more fundamental perspective. In this, our research particularly tackles the governance dynamics of international organisations such as the WTO and the EU. Members who undertake this line of research produce critical research informed by the Liverpool Law School’s overarching ‘social justice’ ethos. Similarly, many conduct interdisciplinary research bringing approaches together from law, economics, philosophy, political science and the behavioural sciences.

We are experienced in research, knowledge exchange and consultancy work in different fields of economic governance. For examples of our recent work, please visit LEGU pages on current projects and publications. The LEGU co-directors and members welcome inquiries from academics as well as private and public organisations interested in our work.

Contact: Dr Mavluda Sattorova (director)

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