Prof Amandine Garde and colleagues at a World Health Organization event

Research Projects & Policy Work

The Law & NCD Unit conducts research with the objective of informing the academic and policy debates on NCD prevention at regional, national and global levels.

We pursue a dual objective. Firstly, we have developed a research agenda at the forefront of existing policy reforms on NCD prevention and control, ensuring that our research is informed by and, in turn, informs key developments in this area. Secondly, our research contributes to building legal capacity both within and beyond academic circles, which ensures that our work has a direct impact on the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of NCD prevention strategies.

Our research projects are often conducted in collaboration with other similarly minded institutions, with the support of international organisations and other public health policy actors. The events we have organised over the years have brought together academics of a broad range of disciplines, policy makers, NGOs and international organisations to reflect on the most effective ways that law can be used as part of evidence-based NCD prevention strategies.

The Lancet Series 2023 A yellow background with text reading 'The Lancet - the 2023 series on breastfeeding'

The Lancet Series 2023 on Breastfeeding

Professor Amandine Garde co-authors the third Paper in the Series in The Lancet from WHO and partners.

Regulating food and alcohol marketing to children Photo of academics in front of a sign which reads World Health Organization

Regulating Food and Alcohol Marketing to Children

Research into children's exposure to marketing campaigns promoting unhealthy food and alcoholic beverages.

Ending childhood obesity: a legal challenge A photo of the University of Liverpool in London building

Ending Childhood Obesity: A Legal Challenge

Documenting our engagement in academic and wider debates surrounding obesity, and more specifically, childhood obesity.

European Union law and NCD prevention A photo of 4 plain packaged cigarette packets

European Union Law & NCD Prevention

Showcasing the Unit's activity in debates relating to the role of the EU in preventing NCDs.

Contributing to a better understanding of the role of law in preventing NCDs A dark blue background with white text overlay and outline of people silhouettes

Improving Understanding of the Role of Law in Preventing NCDs

Explore our research into a wide range of legal issues relating to NCD prevention.

Workshop on the Food Marketing Consultation

Workshop on the Food Marketing Consultation

An interdisciplinary workshop to support and coordinate the public health community's response to the government's Food Marketing Consultation.