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About the Law & NCD Unit

Building Legal Capacity, Preventing NCDs

The Law & Non-Communicable Diseases Unit (or Law & NCD Unit) was set up in January 2015 to conduct research into how legal instruments can be used as tools for the prevention of NCDs, and more specifically how robust evidence-based policy interventions can be designed to support effective NCD prevention strategies at local, national, regional or global levels.

Our research primarily focuses on unhealthy diets, alcohol and tobacco as three major NCD risk factors, and on more overarching themes such as health inequalities, addiction, and the relationship between public health, human rights and international trade and investment law. We have also done some work on air pollution and anti-microbial resistance – though to a lesser extent. Within these broad themes, our members have developed expertise in a number of more specialised areas, including the protection of children against unhealthy food and alcohol marketing, food labelling, tobacco plain packaging, food taxation, and alcohol minimum unit pricing.

No conflicts of interest

As independent research should inform effective and evidence based public policies, the Unit has employed its breadth of academic expertise to participate in a variety of policy initiatives. We regularly work with international organisations, governments, public health agencies and non-governmental organisations worldwide. We embrace a multi-disciplinary, multi-partner approach to our work, and as such are always delighted to meet new colleagues and collaborators who share similar interests. However, in order to maintain the rigorous, independent approach that defines our work, we have a strict policy against real, potential or perceived conflicts of interest and do not accept any funding from – amongst others – the tobacco, alcohol, food, pharmaceutical and advertising industries.

We welcome PhD, postdoctoral and visiting fellowship applications.

For more information on the activities of the Law & NCD Unit, please feel free to contact its Founder and Director Professor Amandine Garde.

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