The Human Rights Consortium at the School of Advanced Study of the University of London

(They facilitate and promote research in human rights in the UK and internationally. Further details can be found at The Refugee Law Initiative is hosted within the consortium, specialising in the human rights of forced migrants:

The UK Network on Minority Groups and Human Rights

(The UK Network on Minority Groups and Human Rights was established in 2009 by scholars based primarily in the UK, under the initiative of Dr Gaetano Pentassuglia. One of the aims of the network is to maintain a regular newsletter, updating colleagues on publications and events relating to minority groups and human rights, as well as disseminating the work of the network across the UK and internationally. Further details of the Network, including current and past issues of the newsletter, can be found here

Critical approaches to international Criminal Law (CAICL)

CAICL is a network of scholars and scholarship interested in taking the critique of International Criminal Law seriously. Driven by frustration with the absence of a meaningful body of critique of International Criminal Law (ICL), and by their own isolation in pursuing such work, several academics and practitioners initiated an ongoing collaboration dedicated to supporting research in this area. Some of the sites which we are interested in are ICL & ideology, ICL & the political, ICL & hegemony, ICL & gender, ICL & its afrocentricism.

Initiated Projects 

The network has begun work on the following: 

  • Exchanging work in progress; 
  • Setting up of a website
  • Collating a reading list of extant CAICL materials; 
  • Organising conferences/workshops/colloquia; 
  • Organising opportunities to talk about teaching and practicing ICL in a critical manner; 
  • Investigating publication and collaboration options (collaboration with the Institute of Global Law and Policy at Harvard Law School; publication perspectives of an edited collection and journal special issues). 

To join the network 

If your research resonates with some of the themes that we are investigating, then keep in the loop through checking the CAICL website, or for occasional email updates, email Christine Schwöbel at