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The Ethical Implications of Improvement Science Research and Practice: Developing a Research Agenda

Monday 29 April 2019 | University of Liverpool London Campus, 33 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1AG

10am - 6pm (with networking drinks afterwards).

This symposium will explore the ethical aspects of improvement science. It will consider the current landscape and relationship between improvement science and ethics, if and how this relationship needs to be developed, and set the ground work for a research agenda to bring normative, philosophical and evaluative questions about the social world into the discipline of improvement science. This will be an inter-disciplinary symposium and be of interest to medical practitioners, medical students, health service researchers, medical ethicists, social scientists and the wider improvement science community (see PDF below).

Speakers: Dr Lucy Frith, Professor Vikki Entwistle (National University of Singapore; Professor Alan Cribb, Kings College London; Professor Stacy Carter, University of Wollongong; Professor Justin Waring, University of Nottingham; Dr Paula Baraitser, Improvement science fellow, the Health Foundation; Dr Zoe Fritz, University of Cambridge; Dr Anna Chiumento, University of Liverpool; Dr Holger Langhof University Medicine Berlin.

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Cost: £15 for the day (includes refreshments, lunch and networking drinks)

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Past event highlights

NHS at 70

June 2018 | Liverpool, UK

The ‘NHS at 70’ event involved a series of leading academic lawyers, historians and politicians coming together to deliver timely and engaging presentations about the NHS 70 years after it was instituted in 1948. The event was one of many that took place across the country. It was well attended and gave attendees an opportunity to reflect on the history of the NHS, its underlying rationale on inception, its current challenges and its future.

'The NHS has recently been on the receiving-end of sensationalist opprobrium from a variety of right-wing newspapers and think-tanks, but the ‘NHS at 70’ event showed how things should be done. It involved a masterclass of rigour and expertise, provided by leading academic figures, on this vital domain of public life. At the same time, it helped reinforce existing academic connections between University of Liverpool scholars and scholars from other institutions. The ‘NHS at 70’ proved to be a very successful event and special thanks go to all those who made it happen.' - Dr David Horton, Lecturer.