collage of images from 3 research projects, featuring mask wearers, a cat and dog, and a crowd of people on steps. Text reads 'Pets in Care Homes' and 'Connected DNA'

Research Projects

The Health Law and Regulation Unit (HLRU) is involved in a number of collaborative research projects. A few recent and ongoing projects can be found below:

ConnecteDNA Black and white photo of a crowd of people. The word 'Connected' in white text and the letters 'DNA' in orange


Donor Conception in the Age of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing. A UKRI-funded collaboration between researchers at the University of Liverpool, the University of Manchester, De Montfort University, the University of Warwick and the University of Birmingham.

Pets in Care Homes Pets in Care Homes logo featuring an illustration of a dog and a cat

Pets in Care Homes

‘“He means the world to me”: human implications of separating older people from their pets in residential care/nursing homes.’ - This project investigates the implications of separating older people from companion animal(s) when they move to a residential care home or other care setting.

Reset Ethics Cartoon illustration of people wearing face masks and checking mobile phones plus text that reads 'Reset Ethics'

Reset Ethics

The response to the Covid-19 pandemic has created huge disruptions to the routine functioning of healthcare systems across the world. Understandably, attention has been focussed on the ethical issues raised by frontline care.