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 Steering Committee

Academic Staff

PhD students

  • Kate Sandford – Kate's thesis title is: 'Young Childfree Women and Surgical Sterilisation: The Forgotten Women in UK Healthcare'.
  • Sarah Bennett –
  • Shannon Farrelly-Trainer –
  • Alex Hardacre – Alex's thesis looks to explain the inconsistencies present in how gross negligence manslaughter affects doctors in comparison to police officers.
  • Hannah Hirst – Hannah's thesis title is 'Eligible and ready? A children's rights perspective on hormonal treatment for trans youth.'
  • Aimee Hulme – Aimee's thesis title is: 'The Construct of ‘Fluctuating Capacity’: The Legal and Conceptual Controversies.'
  • Glenys Hunt – Glenys' thesis title is: 'The Effectiveness of Public Inquiries: a case study of The Liverpool Children's Hospital Inquiry, 2001'.
  • Chisomo Kaufulu-Kumwenda – Chisomo's thesis title is: 'Fertility regulation and the right of women with disabilities to self-determination and autonomy in Malawi: a critical reflection in the application of the African human rights framework'.
  • Jessica Randall – Jessica's thesis title is 'Until Death: The Impact of the Gender Recognition Act on Trans Relationships.'
  • Cíara Rohan – Cíara's working thesis title is: 'An exploration into the viability of integrating non-surgical cosmetic procedures into the National Health Service'.

Visiting Researchers

  • Dr Aileen Kennedy (International Fellow, University of New England, Australia)
  • Wei Wei Cao (International Fellow, Law School, Hunan University)

Honorary Researchers

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