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  • Goldson, B. Juvenile Justice in Europe: Past, Present and Future, (Book)
  • Heah, R. Sex Education gets a revamp but parents still allowed to opt kids out, The Conversation, July 27, 2018.
  • Stalford, H. E. (2018). David and Goliath: Due Weight, the State and Determining Unaccompanied Children’s Fate. Journal of Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law, Vol 32, No 3, 2018, pp. 258-283
  • Yilmaz, S., Esson, J., Darby, P., Drywood, E., & Mason, C. (2018). Children’s rights and the regulations on the transfer of young players in football. International Review for the Sociology of Sport


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  • Stalford, H., Hollingsworth, K. and Gilmore, S. (eds) Rewriting Children's Rights Judgements: From Academic Vision to New Practice, (2017, Oxford: Hart) (visit the publisher's website)




  • Stalford, H. (2014), 'The Relevance of EU Citizenship to Children', at the workshop 'Childhood, Youth and European Citizenship', co-hosted by the Sussex European Institute, CIRCY and New Europeans.
  • Drywood, EW (2014) 'Situating the EU at the Forefront of a Children's Rights Approach to Asylum Law: Making the Case for, and Exploring the Role of, Suprational Rights Protection'. Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law vol 36 issue 1.
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  • Stalford, H. Cairns, L and Marshall, L. (2014) 'Making the Child Friendly Justice Guidelines Child Friendly', Project Report and associated digital outputs produced at the request of the Council of Europe, December 2014.






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