Seminar 6: Children as Workers: Empowered or Exploited? (children and young people's workshop)

Tuesday 7th 2015

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This seminar will take the form of an interactive workshop and will explore the legal rights and experiences of children in an employment context. In particular it will explore the extent to which international, European and domestic law on the employment of children responds to the reality of children’s working experiences in Europe, and indeed, to their interests and needs. It will question whether certain forms of work should be more accessible to children at younger ages and whether employment rights (such as equal pay, holiday entitlement, Union membership and sick leave) should be more readily available to children. The distinctions drawn between child labour, unpaid work (such as caring), informal work (such as babysitting), paid work and education will also be critically explored from a children’s rights perspective.

Children and Work - call for participants (pdf)

Programme - Children as Workers.pdf

Seminar Room 11, Rendall Building, University of Liverpool. Campus Map