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Research Projects

Training and Assistance for Legal Practitioners (TALE)

Working with young people to enhance their understanding of the law and to improve their access to legal advice. Project TALE is investigating how legal practitioners and other legal advice providers might work more effectively with children and young people so that advice is provided in a manner that is appropriate and meaningful with regard those children's age and circumstances. The project will also investigate how we can train legal practitioners to use existing law more effectively in order to secure children's rights in legal proceedings. The TALE project is funded by the European Commission and  led by Save the Children Italy.

Children's Rights Perspectives on the Football Industry in Europe

‌‌Dr Eleanor Drywood is planning a series of research events and outputs considering children’s rights perspectives on the football industry in Europe. Specific fields covered will range from free movement and immigration to family life and labour and employment.

Within the framework of this project, Dr Anna Verges and Dr Nuno Ferreira are exploring players' welfare and development models and policies in the context of football Academies (funded by ECRU and SLS). Read more at Youth Development in Football; you can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Children's Rights Judgments

Funded by the AHRC, Children’s Rights Judgments, is an exciting collaboration between over 60 experts from across the world in re-writing existing judgments adopting a children’s rights approach. A children’s rights approach promotes children as active agents and places their needs, best interests, and participation at the centre of decisions that affect them.

The re-written judgments and accompanying commentaries will be developed through a series of workshops throughout 2015 and 2016 and will be published by Hart in an edited collection in the summer 2017. Read more.

ESRC Seminar Series (Feb 2014-Nov 2015)

European Responses to Global Children’s Rights Issues: Building Capacity and Exchanging Knowledge’ funded by the ESRC and organised in collaboration with University of Southampton and the Brussels-based NGO, Eurochild.

This seminar series provided a unique platform for critical discussion and interdisciplinary exchange relating to the role of the European institutions – notably the European Union and the Council of Europe - in shaping children’s rights. Find out more.

Good practice examples of implementing UN human rights treaties

Dr Aoife Daly is working with Dr Joshua Curtis (University of Liverpool) and Dr Yvonne McDermott Rees (University of Swansea) on a project commissioned by the UK Equality and Human Rights Commission on good practice examples of implementing UN human rights treaties around the globe. The report which results from this work will inform the work of the Commission, facilitating it to better work for implementation of human rights in the UK.

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