Children's Rights Judgments


 Funded by the AHRC, Children’s Rights Judgments, is an exciting collaboration between over 60 experts from across the world in re-writing existing judgments adopting a children’s rights approach. A children’s rights approach promotes children as active agents and places their needs, best interests, and participation at the centre of decisions that affect them.

Participants have chosen to re-write cases from a range of legal sub-disciplines (such as health, education, immigration, family, child protection and criminal justice) and jurisdictions (including the supra-national courts).
The rewritten judgments will shed light on the conceptual and practical challenges of securing children’s rights within judicial decision-making and explore how developments in theory and practice can inform and (re-)invigorate the legal protection of children’s rights.

Each judgment will be accompanied by a commentary explaining the historical and legal context of the original case and the rationale underpinning the revised judgment including: the particular children’s rights perspective adopted; the extent to which it addresses the children’s rights deficiencies evident in the original judgment; and the potential impact the alternative version might have had on law, policy or practice.

The judgments and commentaries will be developed through a series of workshops throughout 2015 and 2016 and will be published by Hart in an edited collection in the summer 2017.

Want to know more?
We welcome feedback on work-in-progress from judges, legal practitioners, children and young people and their advocates.

If you would like to receive more details about Children’s Rights Judgments or attend one of the themed workshops to provide feedback on early drafts of judgments and commentaries, please email Helen Stalford ( or Kathryn Hollingsworth (