EU Law@Liverpool's Publications

‌‌EU Law@Liverpool members are engaged in internationally recognised research activities across a range of key themes. Recent outputs include:

EU Constitutional and Institutional law

  • N. Vogiatzis, ‘The Linguistic Policy of the EU Institutions and Political Participation post-Lisbon’ (2016) 41(2) European Law Review 176-200
  • S. Reynolds, ‘Explaining the Constitutional Drivers behind a Perceived Judicial Preference for Free Movement over Fundamental Rights’ (2016) 53(3) Common Market Law Review 643-677
  • M. Dougan, ‘Judicial Review of Member State Action under the General Principles and the Charter: Defining the ‘Scope of Union Law’’ (2015) 52 Common Market Law Review 1201-1246.
  • T. Horsley, 'The Court Hereby Rules...' - Legal Developments in EU Fundamental Rights Protection’ (2015) 53(S1) Journal of Common Market Studies 108-127
  • J. Organ, ‘Decommissioning Direct Democracy? A Critical Analysis of Commission Decision-Making on the Legal Admissibility of European Citizens’ Initiative Proposals’ (2014) 10(3) European Constitutional Law Review 422-443
  • T. Horsley, 'Reflections on the Role of the Court of Justice as the Motor of European Integration: Legal Limits to Judicial Lawmaking' (2013) 50(4) Common Market Law Review 931-964
  • M. Gordon and M. Dougan, ‘The United Kingdom's European Union Act 2011: “Who Won the Bloody War Anyway?”’ (2012) 37 European Law Review 3-30
  • M. Dougan, National remedies before the Court of Justice: issues of harmonisation and differentiation (Hart Publishing, Oxford 2009).
  • M. Gordon, ‘Brexit: a challenge for the UK constitution, of the UK constitution?’ (2016) European Constitutional Law Review 1-36.
  • K. Sowery, ‘Equivalent treatment of Union rights under national procedural law: Târsia' (2016) 53 Common Market Law Review 1705-1726.

EU Asylum and Immigration law

  • E. Drywood, ‘“When we buy a young boy…” Migrant Footballers, Children’s Rights and the Case for EU Intervention’ (2016) in Iusmen, I and Stalford, H (eds), The EU as a Children’s Rights Actor: Law, Policy and Structural Dimensions 191-219
  • E. Drywood, “Who's In and Who's Out? The Court's Emerging Case Law on the Definition of a Refugee” (2014) 51 Common Market Law Review 1-32
  • H. Gray, ‘Surveying the Foundations: Article 80 TFEU and the Common European Asylum System’ (2013) 34(3) Liverpool Law Review 175-193
  • E. Drywood, 'Challenging concepts of the "child" in asylum and immigration law: the example of the EU' (2010) (32(3) Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law 309-323

EU Citizenship

  • S. Currie, ‘Reflecting on Brexit: migration myths and what comes next for EU migrants in the UK?’ (2016) 38(3) Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law 337-342
  • S. Reynolds, ‘Union Citizenship: Placing Limitations on a Human-Centred Approach’ In Ferreira, N and Kostakopoulou, D, The Human Face of the European Union: Are EU Law and Policy Humane Enough? (2016) (Cambridge: CUP)
  • S. Reynolds “Exploring the 'Intrinsic Connection' Between Free Movement and the Genuine Enjoyment Test: Reflections on EU Citizenship After Iida” (2013) European Law Review, 38(3), 376-392
  • M. Dougan, N. Nic Shuibhne and E. Spaventa (Eds), Empowerment and Disempowerment of the European Citizen (Hart Publishing, Oxford)
  • S. Currie, 'The Transformation of Union Citizenship', in Dougan, M. and Currie, S. (Eds.), 50 Years of the European Treaties: Looking Back and Thinking Forward (Oxford: Hart)
  • M. Dougan, 'Expanding the Frontiers of Union Citizenship by Dismantling the Territorial Boundaries of the National Welfare States?' in Barnard C and Odudu O ed(s) The Outer Limits of EU Law. (Oxford, Hart 2009)

EU Enlargement

  • F. Cengiz and L. Hoffmann (eds.), Turkey and the EU – Facing New Challenges and Opportunities (2013) (Routledge)
  • F. Cengiz, ‘Rethinking Conditionality: Turkey’s EU Accession and the Kurdish Question’, (2013) 51(3) Journal of Common Market Studies 416-432
  • S. Currie, 'Challenging the UK Rules on the Rights of EU8 Workers', (2009) 31(1) Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law 47-58

EU Internal Market law and Competition law

  • S. Reynolds, ‘Housing Policy as a Restriction of Free Movement and Member States’ Discretion to Design Programmes of Social Protection: Libert’ (2015) 52(1) Common Market Law Review 259
  • T. Horsley, ‘Death, Taxes and (Targeted) Judicial Dynamism: The Free Movement of Capital in EU Law’ in Arnull, A and Chalmers, D (eds), Oxford Handbook of European Union Law, (2015) (Oxford: OUP)
  • F. Cengiz, ‘Network Governance in European Competition Law Post-Financial Crisis: What Impact on Legitimacy’ in Beneyto J. M. & Maillo, J (eds), Fostering Growth in Europe: Reinforcing the Internal Market, (2014) (Madrid: CEU Ediciones) 487-515
  • A. Garde, "The Unfair Commercial Practices Directive: A Successful Example of Legislative Harmonisation?" in Sypris P (ed), The Judiciary, the Legislature and the Internal Market (2012) (Cambridge: CUP)
  • T. Horsley, 'Unearthing Buried Treasure: Art 34 TFEU and the Exclusionary Rules' (2012) 37(6) European Law Review 734-757

Intellectual Property law

  • F. Cengiz, Antitrust Federalism in the EU and the US. Research in Competition Law (2012) (Routledge: New York and London)
  • S.J.R. Bostyn. "A decade after the birth of the biotech directive: Was it worth the trouble?" in Ghidini, G, Arezzo, E ed(s). Biotechnology and Software Patent Law: A Comparative Review on New Developments (2011)(Edward Elgar)
  • S. Subramanian ‘EU Obligation to the TRIPS Agreement: EU Microsoft Decision’ (2010) 21(4) European Journal of International Law 997-1023

EU Social Policy, Family law and Gender Studies

  • H. Stalford, ‘Journeys to European Justice: (How) Can the EU Enable Children to Enforce their Rights? in Iusmen, I and Stalford, H, The EU as a Children’s Rights Actor: Law, Policy and Structural Dimensions, 19-48
  • S. Currie, ‘Pregnancy-related employment breaks, the gender dynamics of free movement law and curtailed citizenship: Jessy Saint Prix’ (2016) 53(2) Common Market Law Review, 543-562
  • S. Currie, ‘Men on the sidelines: the reconciliation of work and family life agenda in the context of cross-border posting’ (2013) 35(3) Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law 389-408
  • F. Beveridge, "Going Soft'? Analysing the Contribution of Soft and Hard Measures in EU Gender Law and Policy", in Lombardo E and Forest M ed(s). The Europeanization of Gender Equality Policies: A Discursive-Sociological Approach (2012)(Palgrave Macmillan)
  • H. Stalford, ‘For Better, for Worse: the relationship between EU Citizenship and EU Family Law’ in Nic Shuibhne, N, Dougan, M and Spaventa, E, Empowerment and Disempowerment of the EU Citizen (2012) (Oxford: Hart)
  • A. Garde EU Law and Obesity Prevention (2010)(Kluwer Law International)
  • H. Stalford, S. Currie, and S. Velluti (eds), Gender and Migration in 21st Century Europe (2009) (Ashgate)

The EU and Health

  • O. Bartlett, ‘Minimum Unit Pricing for Alcohol may not be a Proportionate Public Health Intervention’ (2016) 7(1) European Journal of Risk Regulation 218-222
  • O. Bartlett, ‘The EU’s Competence Gap in Public Health and Non-Communicable Diseases’ (2016) 5(1) Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law 50-81
  • A. Garde and A. Alemanno (eds), Regulating Lifestyle Risks in Europe: Tobacco, Alcohol and Unhealthy Diets (2015) (Cambridge: CUP)
  • A. Garde, EU Law and Obesity Prevention (2010)(Kluwer Law International)

EU External Relations and Trade

  • G. Messenger, ‘Brexit and the World Trade Organisation’ (2016) internet accompaniment ( to G. Messenger, The Development of World Trade Organisation Law (2016) (Oxford: OUP)
  • M. Sattorova and A. Dimopoulos, ‘The Present and Future of EU International Investment Treaties’ (Editorial) (2012) 39(2) Legal Issues of Economic Integration 153-155
  • M. Sattorova, ‘Return to Local Remedies Rule in European BITs? Power (Inequalities), Dispute Settlement, and Change in Investment Treaty Law’ (2012) 39(2) Legal Issues of Economic Integration 223-249

Reports and Written Evidence

  • Joint submission between EU Law@Liverpool, the Liverpool Economic Governance Unit, and the International Law and Human Rights Unit, ‘What Are the Human Rights Implications of Brexit’ (2016) (written evidence) (London: Joint Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights)
  • S. Reynolds, ‘Obstacles to the Right of Free Movement for Union Citizens and their Families: Country Report for the United Kingdom’ (2016) (Brussels: European Parliament, PETI and LIBE)
  • F. Beveridge & F. Cengiz, ‘The EU Budget for Gender Equality’, (2015) (analytical study). (Brussels: European Parliament).
  • T. Horsley, ‘Balance of Competences Review: Financial Services and the Free Movement of Capital’ (2014) (written evidence) (London: HM Treasury)
  • E. Drywood and H. Gray, ‘Balance of Competences Review: Asylum and Non-EU Migration’ (2014) (written evidence)
  • M. Dougan, E. Drywood, N. Ferreira, H. Gray and S. Reynolds, ‘Balance of Competences Review: Fundamental Rights’ (2014) (written evidence)
  • S. Currie, M. Dougan, N. Ferreira, S. Reynolds, ‘Balance of Competences Review: Single Market (Persons)’ (2014) (written evidence)
  • J Organ and N. Vogiatzis, ‘Balance of Competences Review: Voting’ (2014) (written evidence)
  • M. Dougan, T. Horsley, ‘Balance of Competences Review: Single Market (Goods)’ (2013) (written evidence) 
  • T. Horsley and S. Reynolds, ‘Union Citizenship: Development, Impact and Challenges: Report on the United Kingdom’ (2014) (Copenhagen: Djøf)
  • F. Cengiz, ‘Balance of Competences Review: Competition and Consumer Protection Policy’ (2013) (written evidence) (London: Department of Innovation Business and Skills)
  • M. Gordon and M. Dougan, House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee, The Future of the European Union: UK Government Policy (2012), at FEU 15 (written evidence).
  • M. Gordon and M. Dougan, House of Commons European Scrutiny Committee, Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance: Impact on the Eurozone and the Rule of Law, (2012) Vol 1, HC 1817 at Ev 60 (written evidence).
  • H. Stalford, H. Sax and E. Drywood ‘Developing Indicators for the Protection, Respect and Promotion of the Rights of the Child in the European Union’ (2009) (report) (Vienna: European Fundamental Rights Agency)

Oral Evidence

  • M. Dougan, S. Reynolds and N. Vogiatzis, ‘The potential implications of UK withdrawal from the European Union for the Northern Ireland/Republic of Ireland border and for trade’, British and Irish Parliamentary Assembly (2016) (presentation)
  • M. Dougan, ‘The UK’s Future Economic Relationship with the EU’, Evidence to the House of Commons Treasury Committee (2016)
  • S. Currie, M. Dougan and T. Horsley, ‘Review of the Balance of Competences Review’, Evidence to the House of Lords EU Select Committee (2015)