EU Law@Liverpool research

EU Law @ Liverpool aims to offer a centre of excellence for research in EU law and policy.

While this field of research is broad in nature, and the cluster's membership indeed reflects wide-ranging and diverse activity, EUL@L seeks to maintain a strong and clear identity through its particular emphasis on the social dimensions of European integration. Specifically, EUL@L is committed to driving forward critical understanding of the European Union - its institutions and values, constitutional principlaes and substantive policy - through research themes including citizenship and welfare, migration and security, gender and equality, configurations of institutional power and the protection of fundamental rights.

As well as publishing extensively in these fields, EU@L members engage in impactful research and seek to ensure the wider and effective dissemination of key findings beyond academia. In this regard, the cluster has been particularly active in impact and knowledge exchange work in the context of Brexit.

    EU Law @ Liverpool Research Cluster event highlights
    • S. Reynolds, Voice through Law: Navigating and Negotiating Brexit as a Resident EU Citizen, May 2018.
    • J. Organ, speaker at European Citizens' Initiative Day at the European Economic and Social Committee; University of Liverpool was a partner in this event, April 2018.
    • M. Dougan, Seminar on EU Withdrawal Bill with Scottish Government, September 2017.
    Knowledge Exchange, Media and Research with Impact activity

    Some examples of our recent activity:

    • S. Reynolds, information session on ‘the detention and deportation of EU Rough Sleepers’ at Crisis charity, Merseyside, September 2017.
    • M. Gordon, Written Evidence to the House of Commons Procedures Committee (full publication available), October 2017.
    • G. Messenger, Roundtable discussion on dispute resolution and enforcement in international economic affairs, Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Department for Exiting the EU (invited speaker), October 2017.
    • M. Dougan, ‘Brexit and the Future of UK Climate/Environmental Policy’, by the ESRC Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy, Holy Trinity Church Leeds (expert panel member), November 2017.
    • T. Horsley, BBC Radio Merseyside Interview on UK/EU Joint Report on Brexit negotiations, focusing on the issue of the Northern Ireland/Republic of Ireland border, December 2017.
    • S. Reynolds, article for The Conversation, ‘The UK Can No Longer Remove EU Citizens for Sleeping Rough – Why this Matters for Brexit’, December 2017. 
    • M. Dougan, Oral evidence to House of Commons Brexit Committee, on the European Council meeting, December 2017.
    • J. Organ, Special Advisor to the EESC rapporteur for the EESC Opinion on the Commission Proposal for a Regulation on the European Citizens’ Initiative, December 2017 – February 2018.
    • J. Organ, Speaker, Joint AFCO and PETI public hearing the European Parliament on the European Citizens’ Initiative and the Commission’s legislative proposal for revision of the ECI Regulation (Reg 211/2011), February 2018.
    • M. Dougan, Podcast for the Financial Times’s ‘Brexit Unspun’ series discussing the Irish border, February 2018. 
    • M. Dougan, Interview on The James Whale Show, TalkRadio, about the contribution of academics/experts to the Brexit debate, February 2018.
    • M. Dougan, Online video about the UK's ‘internal market’ after leaving the EU: available on the University of Liverpool Facebook page / EULaw@Liv YouTube channel, March 2018.
    • M. Gordon, two blog posts on 'Parliamentary Sovereignty and the Implementation of the EU Withdrawal Agreement' for the UK Constitutional Law Blog: Part I and Part II, cited in the Institute for Government report for ‘Voting on Brexit’, April 2018.
    • J. Organ, Citizens’ Assemblies for Renewal of Europe’. First events held in Hungary, Italy and Germany, May 2018.