EU Law@Liverpool

EU Law@Liverpool brings together researchers working in the broad field of EU law and policy. It is committed to driving forward critical understanding of the European Union – its institutions and values, constitutional principles and substantive policy fields – with a particular emphasis on the social dimensions of European integration. Research themes include the relationship between the UK and the EU, citizenship and welfare, migration and security, gender and equality, configurations of institutional power and the protection of fundamental rights.

EU Law@Liverpool has significant research strength and plays a key role in shaping academic research, public information and policy development in the context of the Brexit debate. The Unit was a leading contributor of both oral and written evidence to the UK’s Balance of Competence Review on the relationship between the UK and the EU, organises academic, policymaker and public events on the UK’s membership of the Union, and contributes to academic journals, public blogs and policy briefings on Brexit. Information is disseminated through extensive media (BBC Radio, Sunday Politics) social media and YouTube engagement (gaining millions of views online before and after the referendum). We have a dedicated website which details our work in relation to the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

The Co-Directors welcome enquiries from academics, policymakers, stakeholders and media interested in working with the Unit in all of its research areas, including in relation to the Brexit debate. Contact: Dr Stephanie Reynolds / Dr Samantha Currie, EU Law@Liverpool Co-Directors. For media enquiries, please contact the University Press Office.