Academic Staff

  • Dr Andrew Woodhouse (Director): EU constitutional law, national parliaments in European integration, institutional balance, process review.
  • Dr Firat Cengiz: EU multi-level governance, EU network governance, EU enlargement and conditionality, EU competition policy.
  • Dr Samantha Currie: Modern slavery and trafficking; EU law and migration, including: migration in the context of the EU’s eastern enlargement; Union citizenship; the cross-border posting of workers in the EU; and gender and migration. Use of a socio-legal methodology, combining doctrinal analysis with empirical work.
  • Dr Gregory Davies: the territorial constitution of the United Kingdom, particularly Welsh devolution, the senior judiciary and human rights law. 
  • Prof Michael Dougan: EU institutional and constitutional law,  relations between the Union and national legal systems, Law of the Single Market, EU citizenship and welfare law.
  • Dr Eleanor Drywood: Sports law; immigration and asylum/refugee law, fundamental rights (particularly children’s rights) and the EU, EU social law.
  • Prof Amandine Garde: EU consumer, advertising, food and public health law, in particular the role that legal instruments can play in promoting healthier lifestyles, looking at tobacco, alcohol and unhealthy diets as the three main risk factors for non-communicable diseases.
  • Dr Andrea Gideon: Competition law, EU law, EU higher education institutions.
  • Prof Michael Gordon: UK constitutional law and theory, with a focus on the UK and its relationship with the EU. Particular topics of interest include sovereignty, referendums, and European fiscal governance.
  • Dr Harriet Gray: Common European Asylum System, principle of solidarity, asylum and immigration law, human rights.
  • Dr Bianca Hanuz: Intellectual property law, specialising in the application of copyright in the digital environment, online copyright enforcement.
  • Dr Thomas Horsley: EU institutional and constitutional law, the Court of Justice and EU integration, EU internal market law, free movement of capital.
  • Dr Gregory Messenger: Law of the World Trade Organization and regional trade agreements. Specifically trade defence instruments, SPS measures, services, and questions of governance.
  • Dr James Organ: EU democracy and institutional law, direct democracy and the EU: European citizens’ initiative and Member State referendums, European Parliament and EU citizen participation in EU external affairs.
  • Dr Stephanie ReynoldsEU constitutional law, law of the Single Market, fundamental rights, interactions between the Treaty free movement provisions and domestic and EU fundamental rights, EU citizenship.
  • Dr Mavluda Sattorova: International economic law, investment law, interaction between investment treaties and national policies, international energy law.
  • Mr Joseph Savirimuthu: Regulation of communication technologies including surveillance, identity theft and child online safety, legal and ethical challenges relating to autonomous systems and robotics.
  • Dr  Katy Sowery: EU constitutional law, the Court of Justice, primary law, general principles of Union law, application of EU law in national legal systems, relationship between Member States and European Union; animal welfare law.
  • Prof Helen Stalford: EU children’s rights – constitutional issues; child and family migration; cross-border family breakdown; child participation in decision-making; child mainstreaming; children’s rights indicators.
  • Dr Auke Willems: EU criminal law; human rights law; counter-terrorism; mutual recognition and mutual trust.

PhD Students

  • Elizabeth Adams: Prisoner voting
  • Divin De Buffalo Irakiza: EU competition law; social policy; human rights
  • Darryn Nyatanga
  • Kirsten Ward: Public health policy.