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CLPU Members

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Academic Staff

  • Dr Karen Atkinson: Charities and political campaigning, collaborative working by charities, charities and risk management.
  • Dr John Picton: Donative intention, cy-pres, charities and politics, charities and economics.
  • Dr Matthew Shillito: Non-profit organisations, anti-money laundering, counter-terrorist financing, Financial Action Task Force, digital currencies, non-traditional payment methods; de-risking, financial inclusion.
  • Dr Jennifer Sigafoos: Access to justice, social welfare law, discrimination law, charities and lobbying.
  • Dr John Tribe: Charities and insolvency, integration of trusts and insolvency law, disqualifying fiduciaries.

PhD Students

  • Faisal Alotaibi: Property Law. Faisal’s thesis will suggest reforms of the Saudi Jointly Owned Property Laws and practices, using the English commonhold and South African sectional title as benchmarks.
  • William N Brown: property and human rights law, and access to quasi-public space. William's working thesis title is 'Property and Liberty: restoring the quasi-public trust in the 21st century'.
  • Matilda Clough: Charity law and educational law and policy. Tilly's working thesis title is: 'An Investigation into the Charitable Status of Independent Schools'.
  • Elin Williams: Commercial and Banking Law, Financial Crime, Cryptocurrency and Dark Web regulation. Elin's working thesis title is: 'Cryptocurrency-Based Money Laundering: Applying the Current Regulatory Framework in the New Technological Landscape'.

Visiting Researcher

  • Omer Yildirim: Administrative law and charity law. Omer’s working thesis title is: ‘Public Benefit Association Status in the Context Of Administrative Law’.

Honorary Staff

  • Prof Warren Barr: Charitable trusts, charitable property, social housing, landlord and tenant.
  • Angela Fowler: Terrorist Financing, Global Counter-Terrorist Finance Legal Framework.
  • Ms Anne Morris: Equality, gender, discrimination.
  • Dr Mary Synge: Associate Professor in Propery Law at the University of Reading
  • Prof Mark Sidel: Doyle-Bascom Professor of Law and Public Affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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