Academic Staff

  • Prof Debra Morris (Director): Charity law, charity governance, equality law, regulation.
  • Dr Karen Atkinson: Charities and political campaigning, collaborative working by charities, charities and risk management.
  • Prof Warren Barr: Charitable trusts, charitable property, social housing, landlord and tenant.
  • Ms Anne Morris: Equality, gender, discrimination.
  • Dr John Picton: Donative intention, cy-pres, charities and politics, charities and economics.
  • Dr Matthew Shillito: Non-profit organisations, anti-money laundering, counter-terrorist financing, Financial Action Task Force, digital currencies, non-traditional payment methods; de-risking, financial inclusion.
  • Dr Jennifer Sigafoos: Access to justice, social welfare law, discrimination law, charities and lobbying.
  • Dr John Tribe: Charities and insolvency, integration of trusts and insolvency law, disqualifying fiduciaries.