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Presentations and Conference Papers

Featuring a selection of presentations and conference papers.


  • Debra Morris, ‘To what extent will the Charities Act 2022 positively affect the charity sector and what opportunities are there for further legislative reform?’, Public Policy Exchange event on the Future of UK Charities: Ensuring Sustainability Post-Covid and Responding to the Charities Act (online, 14 April 2022)
  • Debra Morris, 'Accountability in Charities: By Whom, for What and to Whom?’, Melbourne Law School Hybrid Workshop on Governance and Regulation of Charities. International and Comparative Perspectives (online, 3 May 2022)
  • John Picton, ‘Mapping Charitable Donation Law’, Socio-legal Studies Association Annual Conference (York, 6-8 April 2022)
  • John Tribe, ‘Pride & Posterity: A Reappraisal of the Earl of Birkenhead’s role in the passage of the Law of Property Act 1925’, Society of Legal Scholars Legal History Section & LSE Legal Biography Project: Joint Workshop (online, 9-10 September 2021)
  • John Tribe, ‘Discharge: English & Welsh observations in the context of Restructuring Directive 2019/1023’, 1st European Congress on Personal Insolvency, Ilustre Colegio de la Abogacía de Barcelona (ICAB), Barcelona (Barcelona and online, 17-18 November 2021)
  • John Tribe, ‘Charity insolvency: Discerning the wider implications of recent developments in Australia’ (University of Liverpool and online, 29 November 2021)
  • John Tribe, ‘The Dangers of Escheat: Disclaimer of Onerous Property in the Wake of the Cl ing Scandal through the Lens of Property and Rehabilitation in Bankruptcy’, Exchange Chambers Annual Insolvency Webinar 2021 (online, 3 November 2021) and British Institute of International and Comparative Law, International and Comparative Conference on the Legislation and Practice of Individual Insolvency (online, 20 May 2022)
  • John Tribe, ‘The Cost of Living in 2022 through the Lens of Eternal Recurrence: Drivers, Effects and Personal Insolvency Responses’, InsolvencyLive2022 - Insolvency Service, UK Government, Keynote/Plenary by Invitation (London, 5 July 2022)

Other Knowledge Exchange, Media and Impact Activity

  • John Picton, ‘Decision on the National Fund is a Missed Opportunity to Set Up a New Foundation for Future Generations’ Civil Society Media (9 Feb 2022)
  • John Picton, ‘Gifts for the Nation’ History Today (5 May 2022)
  • John Picton, ‘Why the Trustees of Prince Charles’ Foundation Face a Legal Headache’ Alliance Magazine (29 June 2022)
  • John Picton, ‘Refusing Donations: The Legal Lesson to Learn from Prince Charles accepting Bin Laden Family Money’ Alliance Magazine (2 August 2022)
  • John Tribe, ‘Biggest Write-Off in Corporate History? Coronavirus Support Abuse by Directors’ (SLSJ Blog) (22 September 2021)
  • John Tribe, ‘Treasury Minister Quits Over COVID Loan Fraud: What We Know So Far About the Unfolding Scandal’ The Conversation (26 January 2022)


  • John Picton, Mapping Charitable Donation Law, Association for Law Property and Society (online, 29 May 2021)
  • John Picton, Public Appeals and the Return of Gifts, Singapore National University – Philanthropy in the Age of Covid-19: Asian and Global Perspective (online, 22-23 July 2021)
  • John Picton, Mapping Charitable Donation Law, Society of Legal Scholars (Durham, 31 Aug-3 Sept 2021)
  • Matt Shillito, Invited speaker, Azerbaijan Ministry for Foreign Affairs, UN General Assembly Special Session on Corruption (UNGASS) side event, Abuse of Non-Profit Organizations for the purposes of Corruption, Money Laundering and Terrorism (online, 4 June 2021)
  • John Tribe, Saving Charities – the Apotheosis of Rescue, Insolvency Practitioners Association Annual Conference 2021, by invitation (online, 28 April 2021)

Other Knowledge Exchange, Media and Impact Activity:


  • Jennifer Sigafoos and James Organ, Legal Advice and the Deconstruction of Social Citizenship, Virtual Socio-legal Studies Association Conference, ‘SLSA Social Rights: Streaming the Stream’ (April 2020)

Other Knowledge Exchange, Media and Impact Activity:

  • John Picton & John Tribe, ‘Kids Company: Why the Insolvency Watchdog wants Former Children’s Charity Watchdog Disqualified’ The Conversation, 27 Oct 2020
  • John Picton, TV Media Interview: Vox Pop Arte (2020)


  • Debra Morris, Too private to be charitable: drawing the line in charity law, Exploring Public Benefit in Charity Law Conference, Melbourne Law School (December 2019)
  • Matthew Shillito, The Digital (Currency) Revolution: Law as a Barrier or Enabler of Innovation by Non-profit Organizations, ARNOVA Conference, San Diego (December 2019)
  • Jennifer Sigafoos - What about the Poor People’s Rights? Legal Aid Cuts and Social Citizenship in the UK, Law and Society Association Conference, Washington DC, USA (June 2019)
  • John Picton - The Sacklers’ Charitable Motivation, ‘Provocations in Charity Law’ at University of Liverpool (April 2019)



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