Liverpool Asylum Refugee Knowledge

An academic network of asylum and refugee studies at the University of Liverpool.

Liverpool ARK was created in January 2016 following the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe. ARK is characterised by its inter-disciplinarity (membership - 30 academics from across 11 departments and across faculties) and its external engagement (with an associate membership of 44 organisations and individuals). Its central mission is to act as a hub and network for a range of knowledge production activities involving the exchange and dissemination of knowledge between academics and external stakeholders, including local outreach activities.

Since January 2016, the network has been active in organising a series of successful events aimed at both bringing together interested parties, as well as events around important current themes that impact on people seeking asylum and refuge. On 4th July 2016, the network was officially launched with a theatre performance of ‘Asylum Monologues’ by the human rights theatre group – Ice & Fire. This was attended by around 40 people, including many external organisations with links to the network. The current co-ordinators have been involved in the network since its inception:

  • Dr Diane Frost, Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology
  • Professor Chris Dowrick, Institute of Psychology Health and Society
  • Miss Jennifer New, NWDTC funded PhD student, Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology.

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