ICRU's Members


Professor Barry Godfrey, Professor of Social Justice. Research keywords: comparative criminology, desistence, international crime history, sentencing, longitudinal patterns of offending.

Professor Barry Goldson, Charles Booth Chair of Social Science. Research keywords: comparative research, knowledge-policy relations, children’s/young people’s human rights and justice, juvenile/youth justice, penality, prisons.

Academic staff members (Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology and Liverpool Law School)

Dr Pablo Ciocchini, Lecturer in Criminology. Research keywords: criminal (including youth) court reform, critical socio-legal theory, police accountability, state violence.

Dr Sean Columb, Lecturer in Law. Research keywords: anti-trafficking, international criminal law, organised crime.

Dr Karen Evans, Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Criminology. Research keywords: community and crime, convict criminology, feminist criminology, gender and crime.

Professor Marie Fox, Professor of Law. Research keywords: criminal law and body modification, de-criminalising abortion, gender and crime, and regulating dangerous dogs.

Dr Matt Gibson, Senior Lecturer in Law. Research keywords: criminalisation, censure and punishment, defining crimes, fair labelling, religion and crime, the 'special part' of the criminal law, stigma.

Dr Lynn Hancock, Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Criminology. Research keywords: communities and crime, crime prevention, community safety, public participation and criminal justice, urban regeneration and crime control.

Dr Emily Hart, Lecturer in Criminology. Research keywords: desistance, feminist research methods, prisons, prison abolition, prisoner resistance, women offenders.

Dr Carly Lightowlers, Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Criminology. Research keywords: administrative and secondary data analysis, alcohol, crime and violence, criminal justice processes and outcomes, intoxication in sentencing, quantitative methods, the 2011 English 'riots'.

Dr Ross McGarry, Lecturer in Criminology. Research keywords: criminological realism, critical criminology, criminology of war, military criminology/sociology, victimology.

Dr Jamie-Lee Mooney, Lecturer in Law. Research keywords: child abuse, grooming, child protection and police investigations.

Professor Gabe Mythen, Professor of Sociology. Research keywords: risk, regulation, power, security policy, terror and counter-terrorism.

Ms Sarah Singh, Lecturer in Law. Research keywords: causing/allowing the death of children, domestic abuse, gender and crime, gendered tropes and vulnerability.

Dr Matt Shillito, Lecturer in Law. Research keywords: financial crime, fraud, money laundering, non-traditional payment methods, terrorist financing, white collar crime.

Dr Liz Turner, Lecturer in Criminology. Research keywords: criminal justice policy, democracy and criminal justice, police and policing, public confidence in criminal justice, public criminology.

Professor Sandra Walklate, Eleanor Rathbone Chair of Sociology. Research keywords: criminology of war, gender and crime, risk, resilience, terror and counter-terrorism, victimology.

Ms Sacha Waxman, Lecturer in Law. Research keywords: access to justice, autonomy, child welfare, genetic diagnosis, information disclosure (in both medical and criminal contexts), principled regulations, withdrawal of treatment.

Professor David Whyte, Professor of Socio-Legal Studies. Research keywords: crimes of the powerful, corporate crime, corruption, power.

Affiliated academic staff members (University of Liverpool)

Professor Jon Cole, Professor in Psychological Sciences (Psychological Sciences). Research keywords: aggression, drug use, prevention, violence.

Dr Andrew Davies, Reader in History (Department of History). Research keywords: gangs, history of crime, history of policing, history of punishment, violence.

Dr Mike Rowe, Lecturer in Public Sector Management (Management School). Research keywords: ethnography, governance, police discretion, policing, public accountability.

Dr Jennifer Turner, Lecturer in Human Geography (Department of Geography and Planning). Research keywords: carceral geography, carceral methodologies, disciplined mobilities, prison architecture and the lived experience of carceral space, the prison boundary.

Dr Jaqueline Wheatcroft, Lecturer in Forensic and Investigative Psychology (Institute of Psychology, Health and Society). Research keywords: cross examination, forensic science, policing, witnesses (including expert witnesses).

Postgraduate research student members

Mr Aminu Audu. Research keywords: community policing, ethnic minority and risk factors in violence/terrorism, sociology of the third world.

Mr Tony Breen. Research keywords: criminology, social research, sport, trade unions.

Mr Damon Briggs. Research keywords: child/youth imprisonment, differential justice, justice by geography, youth justice.

Ms Margaret Fine. Research keywords: children’s rights, gender and youth justice, ‘race’ and youth justice, welfare-justice interface, youth justice.

Mr Grant Firkins. Research keywords: causation in criminal law, criminal law principles, criminal responsibility, fair labelling, legitimacy of criminal law, rule of law.

Mr Wesley Doyle Foulkes. Research keywords:Civil-military relations, criminology and criminal justice research, critical military studies, life course research, military sociology, phenomenology.

Ms Alex Hardacre. Research keywords: death in police custody, doctor accountability, gross negligence manslaughter, police accountability.

Ms Patricia Harrison. Research keywords: exclusion, less-eligibility, nineteenth-century, prison, punishment, social death, suicide and attempted suicide.

Ms Katie Hunter. Research keywords: ‘looked after children’ and justice, ‘race’ and youth justice, child/youth imprisonment, youth justice.

Ms Sarah Kebbell. Research keywords: legal professionals, money laundering.

Mr Will McGowan. Research keywords: NGOs, research methodology, resilience, terrorism, trauma, victimisation, violence.

Ms Katrina Miles. Research keywords: abuse of trust, children’s rights, culpability and responsibility, sexual exploitation, sexuality.

Ms Sue Nicol. Research keywords: reformatories, Manx youth justice, social policy and youth justice, socio-historical youth justice.

Ms Liz Peatfield. Research keywords: criminalisation and policy effects, counter-radicalisation policy, discrimination, race and identity, social justice.

Ms Jayne Price. Research keywords: criminal justice policy, juvenile secure estate, prisons, transitions, youth imprisonment, youth justice.

Ms Madeleine Rungius. Research keywords: state power, prisons and emotions, violence and sanctioning

Mr Ian Shannon. Research keywords: firearms control, legitimacy and policing, research-policing practice relations, public order.

Ms Amy Stanley. Research keywords: feminist criminology, prison practices, sexual violence, state power, women in prison.

Ms Moyra Throssell. Research keywords: age of criminal responsibility, children’s rights and justice, criminal and civil justice, criminal law.

Ms Leona Vaughn. Research keywords: crime prevention, equalities, risk, social justice, social policy.

Ms Lisa Weston. Research keywords: austerity, community, community engagement, community policing, ethnography, police culture, policing and organisational change.