The International Reference Group (IRG)

comprises leading international scholars in criminology/criminal justice whose work reflects and/or extends the demonstrable research strengths of ICRU members. Members of the IRG contribute to events hosted by ICRU, engage in research collaborations and/or provide periodic advice and guidance.

Professor Catrien Bijleveld, NSCR, Netherlands. Research keywords: criminological research methods, life-course criminology, longitudinal research methods, supranational crime.

Professor Kerry Carrington, QUT, Australia. Research keywords: girls' violence, rural crime and violence, sexual violence, work camps and violence, youth justice.

Professor Jenneke Christieans, VUB, Belgium. Research keywords: juvenile justice, policing public space, youth crime, youth delinquency.

Professor Chris Cunneen, UNSW, Australia. Research keywords: access to justice, criminological theory, human rights, indigenous (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) justice, juvenile justice.

Professor Elliot Currie, University of California Irvine, USA. Research keywords: criminal justice policy, delinquency and youth violence, drug abuse, drug policy, ‘race’ and criminal justice, violent crime.

Professor Frieder Dunkel, University of Griefswald, Germany. Research keywords: comparative criminology, crime prevention, juvenile justice, penology, restorative justice, youth crime.

Professor Kelly Hannah-Moffat, University of Toronto, Canada. Research keywords: crime and socio-legal studies, gender and crime, risk theory, sentencing and parole, social policy, punishment and penal reform.

Professor Martine Herzog-Evans, University of Rheims, France. Research keywords: comparative research, human rights, sentencing and enforcement, prisons.

Professor Ved Kumari, Delhi University, India. Research keywords: criminal law, gender and justice, juvenile Justice, judicial education.

Professor Karen Joe Laidler, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. Research keywords: drugs, gangs and Delinquency, gender and justice, ‘race’ and crime.

Dr Murray Lee, University of Sydney, Australia. Research keywords: crime and risk, crime prevention, fear of crime, policing and public relations, public confidence in justice.

Professor Wing Lo, City University Hong Kong, Hong Kong. Research keywords: chinese organised crime, social work and criminal justice, Triad societies and corruption, youth justice.

Professor Shadd Maruna, Rutgers, USA. Research keywords: desistance from crime, offender rehabilitation, psychology of crime.

Professor Pat O’Malley, University of Sydney, Australia. Research keywords: crime prevention, monetary legal sanctions, risk and security, social and criminological theory.

Professor Jude McCulloch, Monash, Australia. Research keywords: counter terrorism and policing, militarization of policing, the politics of security and law and order, state crime.

Professor Sharon Pickering, Monash, Australia. Research keywords: criminalisation, human rights, policing, policing borders, state crime.

Dr Vicki Sentas, University of New South Wales, Australia. Research keywords: criminal justice, criminal law, counter-terrorism law, international law of armed conflict and self-determination, policing, ‘race’, migration and multiculturalism.

Professor Andrew Simester, King's College London / National University of Singapore, UK/Singapore. Research keywords: criminal law, criminalisation, legal philosophy.

Professor Reece Walters, QUT, Australia. Research keywords: comparative research, crimes of the powerful, criminological theory, corporate crime, green/environmental criminology.

Dr Geoff Ward, University of California Irvine, USA. Research keywords: court communities, historical research, justice system workforce, juvenile justice, race violence, racial politics of social control.