ICRU's Seminars and Conferences

Speaker Seminars

  • Professor Fiona Haines, The Immoral, the Illegal and the Criminal. Exploring the Relationship between Law and Corporate Harm in Indonesia, 9 May 2018. Read the abstract
  • Professor Anne-Marie McAlinden, Children as 'Risk'? Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by Children and Young People, 25 April 2018. Read the abstract
  • Dr Ruth McCausland and Dr Mindy Sotiri, Community-led Pathways out of the Criminal Justice System for People with Complex Needs: An Australian Perspective, 25 October 2017. Read the abstract 
  • Dr Jarrett Blaustein, Unravelling the Crime-Development Nexus, 20 September 2017. Read the abstract
  • Dr Geoff Ward, Haunting Legacies of Historical Racial Violence, 10 May 2017. Read the abstract
  • Dr Thomas Friis Søgaard, Proxy policing: Jurisdiction games and legal scale shifting in networked policing gangs and urban space, 3 May 2017. Read the abstract
  • Professor Suzanne Ost, To Know or not to Know: Should the Existence of Photographs of Their Abuse be Disclosed to Now-Adult Victims of Child Sexual Abuse?, 15 March 2017. Read the abstract
  • Professor Eric Chui, Perceptions of Fairness and Satisfaction in Lawyer-Client Interactions Among Young Offenders in Hong Kong, 25 May 2016. Read the abstract
  • Dr Mike Grewcock, State Crime and Australian Border Policing, 18 May 2016. Read the abstract
  • Professor James Chalmers, “Wretches of Men”: Rape Law Reform in Scotland and Sweden, 20 April 2016. ‌Read the abstract
  • Professor Tim Hope, Victims of Crime: The Dimensions of Risk, 10 February 2016. Read the abstract
  • Emeritus Professor David Brown, Justice Reinvestment: Winding Back Imprisonment?, 16 December 2015. Read the abstract
  • Dr Kate Fitz‐Gibbon, Protections for children before the law: A re‐examination of the age of criminal responsibility and the abolition of doli incapax in England and Wales, 4 November 2015. Read the abstract
  • Professor Sylvia Walby, 'Mainstreaming Gender into the Theory and Measurement of Violent Crime', 20 May 2015. Read the abstract
  • Dr Murray Lee, The Gift of Sexting: Young people and the economy of erotic digital image exchange, 2 July 2014. Read the abstract
  • Dr Cassandra Cross “I don’t particularly want everyone to know I’m a fool”: The impact of victim blaming for online fraud victims, 11 June, 2014. Read the abstract