About ICRU

The International Criminological Research Unit (ICRU) encompasses a team of academic researchers in criminology, criminal justice, socio-legal studies and criminal law, and includes senior internationally-recognised leaders in their respected fields, mid-career and early career researchers and a vibrant community of post-graduate research students. The full-time academic and post-graduate research members of ICRU are accompanied by affiliated academic staff members and are supported by an International Reference Group (IRG) and a National Consultative Group (NCG).

The core mission of ICRU is to:

  • Develop, promote and support high-quality research and postgraduate training,
  • Advance theoretical and empirical knowledge,
  • Work across a wide range of academic, policy and practice communities to engage reciprocal knowledge exchange and make impactful evidence-based and social-justice oriented interventions,
  • Communicate clearly and disseminate widely to extend public understanding.

Established areas of research expertise include:

  • Criminal law and criminal justice,
  • Critical criminology,
  • Comparative criminal justice regimes and international criminology,
  • Corporate crime and the crimes of the powerful,
  • Gender, crime and criminal justice,
  • Histories of criminal justice and historical criminology,
  • Human rights,
  • Juvenile/youth crime, juvenile/youth justice and youth criminology,
  • Policing,
  • Risk discourses, criminal justice and criminology,
  • Security,
  • Victimology.

In addition to the above, ICRU:

  • Welcomes visiting researchers,
  • Co-ordinates a range of events, seminars, symposia and conferences,
  • Forges partnerships, exchanges and research collaborations locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.