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How does Open Languages work?

Open Languages gives you the chance to study a language alongside your named degree programme. You can start as a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner and progress accordingly depending on your previous experience with the language. 

  • We offer Open Languages modules in French, German, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Basque and Catalan
  • Open Languages are £150 per module*
  • Modules are 15 credits and run for a single semester
  • Beginners modules are two hours of timetabled teaching per week, between 1pm and 3pm on Wednesday afternoon. 
  • Intermediate modules are two hours of timetabled teaching per week, between 3pm and 5pm on Wednesday afternoon. 
  • Advanced moduled are three to four hours of timetabled teaching per week. These modules are taught with current undergraduate students, and will be scheduled around your existing timetable where possible.  

*Some students can choose modules as credit-bearing and some students will also be eligible for fee-exemption.

Different ways to study

Open Languages as Extra-Curricular

Undergraduate Students
Open Language modules can be taken as extra-curricular options on top of your chosen degree subject. You can start in any year of your studies, whether as a new student or a current student. After completing a language module, you will receive a certificate of completion, and your achievement will be recorded in your Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR). 

Postgraduate Students
Open Language modules are also available for postgraduate students as an extra-curricular option. For some PhD students, if a language module has been identified by your supervisor as a training need, the fee will be waived. 

Studying a language as part of your degree

Students in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences may be able to take a language as a Minor (25%) subject through Honours Select. We offer two Minor pathways: 

3-year Minor: from beginners/intermediate/advanced, no year abroad.
4-year Minor: intensive modules for beginners/intermediate/advanced, with a year abroad. 

Students outside the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences may also be able to take a 15 credit language option as part of their degree. You have the option of starting at beginners, intermediate or advanced, depending on your previous language experience. The following Departments and programmes are currently offering this option:
- Department of Chemistry
- Department of Geography and Planning
- International Business BA (Hons)


Please contact your student experience team if you would like to take a language as part of your degree. 

Fee waivers 

The following students are entitled to free language provision: 

  • Undergraduate students in receipt of a Liverpool Bursary for the academic year in which the language course will be taken. 
  • Postgraduate taught students who undertook an undergraduate programme at Liverpool and were in receipt of a Liverpool Bursary
  • Postgraduate research students where language training is deemed essential to their research (written confirmation will be required from your supervisor) 

If you think you are eligible, contact our student experience team on


In certain circumstances it may not be possible for you to undertake your desired language module(s) due to timetabling restrictions on your substantive academic timetabling.  Where this is the case, we will contact you directly.