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How does Open Languages work?

Open Languages gives you the chance to study a language alongside your named degree programme. Within our dedicated language-teaching framework, the 12-stage 'Liverpool Language Ladder', you can progress and reach your desired learning outcomes for your chosen language in addition to your chosen area of study. 

  • We offer Open Languages modules in French, German, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Basque and Catalan
  • Open Languages are £150 per module*
  • Modules are 15 credits and run for a single semester
  • Each module will be two hours of timetabled teaching per week
  • Standard-paced modules allow you to progress one stage up our ladder per semester
  • For experienced language learners, we also offer accelerated beginners modules across most languages which allow you to progress more quickly (two stages per semester)   

*Some students can choose modules as credit-bearing and some students will also be eligable for fee-exemption.

Different ways to study

Open Languages modules can be taken alongside your named degree programme, and are classified as extra-curricular modules. Upon completion of a language module, you will recieve a certificate of completion and your achievement will be recorded in your Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR).

For some students, Open Languages modules can be taken as single credit-bearing modules with an undergraduate degree. This route is currently running as a pilot scheme for 2017/18.

Fee waivers 

The following students are entitled to free language provision: 

  • Undergraduate students in receipt of a Liverpool Bursary
  • Postgraduate taught students who undertook an undergraduate programme at Liverpool and were in receipt of a Liverpool Bursary
  • Postgraduate research students where language training is deemed essential to their research (written confirmation will be required from your supervisor) 

If you think you are eligible, contact our student experience team on


In certain circumstances it may not be possible for you to undertake your desired language module(s) due to timetabling restrictions on your substantive academic timetabling.  Where this is the case, we will contact you directly.  You may defer your application until the following year or request a refund (where applicable).