Our Languages Framework

Open Languages draws on specialist language teaching provided by the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures. Our language teaching is organised according to a 12-stage framework, the Liverpool Language Ladder, set out below, using French (FREN) as an example.


Stage Normal Year of Study Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 1 Semester 2
12 Final Year

11 FREN311      
10 Year Abroad

9 FREN209      
8 Year 2

  FREN208   FREN278
7 FREN207    
6 Year 1 (A-Level entry)

  FREN106 FREN256  
5 FREN105    
4 Year 1 (GCSE entry)

  FREN104   FREN134
3 FREN103    
2 Year 1 (Beginner)

  FREN102 FREN112  
1 FREN101    

The final two digits in our module codes show you the stage associated with that module. FREN101 is absolute beginners (stage 1), for example, while students with an A-level come in at stage 5 (FREN105). Degree-level students complete FREN312 and reach stage 12, equivalent to C1 or C2 in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Normally one stage is associated with a single 15-credit module delivered in a single semester. But for beginners who want to progress to the top of the ladder we also offer accelerated modules that cover two stages in a single semester. FREN134, for example, covers both stages 3 and 4.

Over the next couple of years we'll be opening our full ladder up to Open Languages students, but in our launch year (2017/18) we'll be starting with just beginners modules (standard and accelerated) and advanced (post A-level). These modules are highlighted in the table.