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What is your current language level?

In 2017-18 we will be offering Open Languages modules for both beginners and advanced (post A-level) learners, giving you the option to study a language from any level of experience. Using the table below, you can determine your existing language expertise, and choose the relevant Open Language modules to suit.

From 2018-19 we will expand the range of modules to include intermediate (post-GCSE) and further advanced modules.

LevelNon-specialist beginnersSpecialist beginnersAdvanced
Module Type Standard-paced
(Beginners Standard Pace)
(Beginners Accelerated Pace)

You have little or no experience of your chosen language, nor of language learning in general and don't want to progress to the upper levels of the Language Ladder

From complete beginner, you can take one module per semester to move one level up the Language Ladder.

You have little or no experience of your chosen language, but you do have an A-level or a good GCSE (or equivalent experience) in another language.

Using your previous experience of language, this accelerated route offers you the chance to cover one intensive module in a single semester and move two levels up the Language Ladder.  

You have an A-level or equivalent experience of the language of your choice.

This level of language proficiency introduces you to your chosen language at First Year Undergraduate level. You will take one module per semester to move one level up the Language Ladder.
Languages Available

Unsure about your language level?

If you are unsure what entry level is right for you, please contact to help you find the right course.