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What is your current language level?

We offer Open Languages modules for beginners, intermediate (post-GCSE) and advanced (post A-level) learners, giving you the option to study a language from any level of experience. Using the table below, you can determine your existing language expertise, and choose the relevant Open Language modules to suit.



You have little or no knowledge of your chosen language, nor of language learning in general. You have not studied the language formally. 

You will complete A1 level. 

You have studied the language formally up to GCSE or equivalent (at least 90 hours).  

You will complete A2 level. 

You have studied the languge formally up to AS or A-Level (at least 120 hours). 

You will complete B1 level. 

Languages Available

*Basque, Catalan and Portuguese are offered as intensive modules only, and are 3 - 4 contact hours per week. 


Unsure about your language level?

If you are unsure what entry level is right for you, please contact to help you find the right course.