My Year Abroad, by Olivia

Hello! I'm Olivia and I study Modern European Languages.

So far on my Year Abroad I have worked in Spain for four months as an English Language Assistant and now I'm currently in France teaching in a private English Centre. To finish my Year Abroad I will be spending three months in Italy working as an au-pair.

If you think you have experienced a lot think again; your Year Abroad will bring you more new and exciting experiences than you could ever hope for. And all those experiences come in various shapes and sizes.

Firstly, you will gain a wonderful network of friends, both international and British.

Secondly, you will really see an improvement in your language skills. For me when I went to Spain I was worried that I wouldn't remember how to say anything but, soon enough, after four weeks of being in the country I was feeling so much more confident.

Thirdly, the Year Abroad gives you the travel bug. If you take full advantage of your Year Abroad you will be able to visit so many places in the host country. When I was in Spain I went to various places such as Madrid, Granada and Seville. It was wonderful to be able to visit all these places as it was not only fun but it was also a cultural experience too.

Last but not least, your personal development will soar. I wasn't expecting to 'mature' or feel different after my Year Abroad but I've only just started phase 2 of it and already I can sense a difference in me. It really does develop your independence and confidence and professionally (if you choose to work/teach) you will gain so many valuable skills that you will always be able to depend on for the rest of your life. For me I felt so much more able to cope with adult real life situations, it has taught me how to be independent and trust myself and my decisions.

Plaza de España, Sevilla

In a professional sense I have gained so much experience. I chose to teach for all of my Year Abroad as I wanted to gain experience of working abroad.

I wasn't ever that keen on teaching but I have to say that, after a Semester teaching Spanish primary kids and two weeks of teaching French people of various ages, I have really taken to teaching.

"Overall your Year Abroad will bring you so many valuable life lessons and experiences that you'll never want to return home! You can also read my blog"

- Olivia