Photo of Dr Lei Peng

Dr Lei Peng PhD

Lecturer in Chinese Studies, Confucius Institute coordinator Languages, Cultures and Film


Chinese Studies ( popular/alternative music culture in China)

My research interests are broadly focused on modern Chinese social transformation and cultural history, especially concerning the popular/alternative music culture from a transcultural perspective. My research work, therefore, lies at the crossroads of several areas: Chinese studies, Cultural/Subcultural studies, and also geopolitical studies. In the wider context, I'm also interested in questions concerning the concept of modernity, the construction and circulation of ideologies, knowledge, and imagination through popular culture; questions of the cultural identity of "others" (ethnical background, marginal groups, cross-cultural background figures); as well as the representation of Eastern philosophies in the cultural sphere of the greater China.

Trans-cultural Studies, Critical Theory

Studies of relationship between power, ideology, gender, classes, formation of imagination and everyday life of individual.

Philosophy and consciousness, Mindfulness, Buddhism Studies