Thomas Lockwood

Postgraduate Research Student 


Tom graduated from the University of Bangor with a BA (MArts) History and Archaeology in 2016 and went on to complete a Documentary Filmmaking MA at John Moore’s University in 2018.

Research Interests

Thesis Title

"Sinistro o spettacolo: A re-evaluation of the critical response to poliziotteschi."

In his research, Tom aims to analyse and re-evaluate the critical reaction to poliziotteschi films by analysing reviews and articles in Italian newspapers, magazines, fanzines and journals during the initial release of the films in the 1970s to now. This re-evaluation will allow for a deeper understanding of the critic response to these films than currently understood in modern discourse, in which discussions of the critic reaction to this filone are often over-simplified due to a lack of current research on this topic.

By analysing the reviews and articles it will be possible to outline elements of the films that critics accepted/rejected, and by scrutinising their comments within the context of film criticism during the 1970s in Italy, assessing how justified accusations of poliziotteschi as ‘fascist’ or ‘reactionary’ films are