Sijing Lu

Postgraduate Research Student


I achieved a BA in Communications and English at the University of Liverpool from 2013 to 2015. Following on from this, I was awarded a MSc in Specialised Translation (Audiovisual Translation) at University College London (UCL).  My current research interests have been focused on the field of Audiovisual Translation, particularly amateur subtitling practice such as user-generated subtitling and fansubbing. My current publications include the exploration of theoretical and methodological considerations of Chinese subtitling in the journals such as International Journal of Communication and New Voices in Translation Studies.  Apart of research, I am also working as a Chinese language teacher at MLC and Liverpool Confucius Institute, and a freelance translator subtitling films or business documents between English and Chinese. I am a member of British Association of Chinese Studies.

Research Interests

Thesis Title

"Understanding the Social Dynamics of Self-mediated Fansubbing in China: A Bourdieusian Perspective"

The advent of new technologies has had a profound impact on translation practices. One of the practices that has arisen at the forefront of translation, among others, is the emergence and ongoing development of amateur subtitling, or known as fansubbing. Fansubbing community, or subtitling community carried out by fans for fans, is a social phenomenon facilitated by globalisation and digital affordances. With the rise of participatory culture, fansubbing has transformed the traditional understanding of passive information consumers to active media producers and has re-identified many social relations, such as relations between consumers and producers, between individuals and collectives, and between amateurs and professionals. Informed by French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu’s sociological theory, my study adopts a ‘reflexive netnography’ as the main methodology to focus on three Chinese fansubbing communities to explore how and to what extent social factors have shaped the mechanism and various organisational activities in constructing and sustaining an online fansubbing network in China.