Sheneez Amara

Postgraduate Research Student


Sheneez was awarded with a BA in Latin American studies from the University of Liverpool. After this she achieved her MRes in Latin American studies from the same university.

Research Interests

Thesis Title

"Unsettling the Norms of Academic Research" 

Sheneez is currently working on a project that critically examines the normative methods of academic research practices and their epistemological and philosophical roots in European colonial and imperial pasts. The aim of Sheneez's research is to question that which we take for granted within our universities as "valid" knowledge and "valid" knowledge production processes. As a student of Latin American Studies from undergraduate through to PhD, Sheneez's work has a particular angle of critiquing, or "unsettling" (Wynter, 2008), the coloniality of Latin American Studies courses in Europe and the coloniality of much of the research on Latin America that is produced here (although Sheneez’s reflections comment upon mainstream academic research cultures in general). Sheneez is particularly interested in Sylvia Wynter's many philosophical contributions and reflections on the "intellectual struggle" and how academics/researchers must direct our work towards "undoing the narratively condemned status" of the world's most oppressed people (Wynter, 1994).”

Research Funding

Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and North West Doctoral Training Centre (NWDTC)