Jasem Eidan

Postgraduate Research Student



Jasem was awarded his BA in English Language and Literature from Kuwait University before obtaining his MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Birmingham.

Outside of his studies, Jasem worked as a full-time instructor at the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) – Kuwait. He has taught English at The Colleges of Business Studies, Basic Studies, and Health Sciences in the English department.

Research Interests

Thesis Title

"The Transitory Linguistic Landscape of Kuwait: Secular and Sacred Festivals in the Public Space."

As the title denotes, I will examine Kuwait’s linguistic landscape (LL henceforth) over a calendar year documenting the changes that occur in accordance to the different occasions that take place. The occasions that I intend to look at in chronological order are: the Independence day, Liberation day, the month of Ramadan, Eid al-Fitir, Hajj season, Eid al-Adha, the month of Moharam (Ashoora), Christmas, and New year.   

I started my data collection process in February 2017 documenting the first two occasions mentioned above. There are several events and festivals that take place all over Kuwait in which both the private and the public agencies use Kuwait’s LL to participate in the occasions. I have documented numerous events and places by taking photographs and interviewing a number of the three main groups of LL actors: authorities in charge of the management of the public space such as the concourses in malls, the commercial actors in their role of sign originators, and the passers-by as the main interlocutors of the LL dialogic dimension. I also took into consideration the semiotic resources utilised as well as the soundscape used for the occasions. I have also come across other important elements that will be discussed and analysed in greater detail in the thesis.