Giueseppa graduated in Modern Languages from the University of Palermo with a dissertation on Dubbing. Giueseppa is a trained teacher and has taught English as a foreign language and English literature in Italian schools for many years. Giueseppa is also a translator and interpreter. 

Research Interests

Thesis Title

"A Sociocognitive Approach to Audiovisual Translated Texts: Dubbing /Subtitling in TV Series (English/Italian)"

The project focuses on the sociolinguistics of  audiovisual and multimedia translated texts, where audiovisual translation includes ‘media translation’, ‘multimodal translation’, and ‘screen translation’. One of the working hypotheses is that an established tradition of dubbing has had an impact on the linguistic development of Italian. In particular, the research addresses dubbing and subtitling in two TV series: The Big Bang Theory and Grey’s Anatomy, and analyses aspects of inter-linguistic and inter-cultural transfer. In addition, the study discusses perceptions of suitability of translated language and culture when watching subtitled and dubbed TV series as they emerge from data gathered from diverse audiences.