#Irradiando Paz - MVR Podcasting & Broadcasting

@MVRColombia creates its own podcast, featured by online radio in Colombia and UK.

#IrradiandoPaz is the podcast of @MVRColombia – a regular series of short, snappy, informationals that showcase the diverse and inspiring work of community actors in Colombia and the UK, and that bring @MVRColombia to a wider, non-academic audience. #IrradiandoPaz is available on Spotify, its own webpage  and is broadcast to Colombian and UK audiences on UPTC Radio 104.1 and ALLFM 96.9  respectively. 

Podcast con Tilde is the Spanish-language podcast of the Department of Languages, Cultures, and Film of the University of Liverpool. Listen to its special feature with #IrradiandoPaz producer Cecilia Andrea Acosta Sanchez, and MVR lead, Prof. Claire Taylor.  

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