Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) grants allow academics to solve business problems that lead to innovations in industry.

This Innovate UK managed, government-funded scheme involves collaboration between businesses with a strategic need and academics with the relevant knowledge to help the organisation to improve its competitiveness, productivity and performance.

Knowledge is transferred and embedded in that business through a high calibre graduate (KTP Associate) who works within the company with academic supervision.

KTPs provide an opportunity for original research outputs, either through the application of existing research to an industry/business setting, or through the generation of innovative research questions that are resolved during the partnership.

The partnership is mutually beneficial to all three parties, and contributes to economic growth. The company gains strategic advantages; the academic(s) can use their knowledge in a real life setting with minimal time commitment, and the Associate gains valuable business experience.

Depending on the needs of the organisation and the desired outcomes, partnership duration can vary in length from one to three years.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership recent successes and news:

Photek Ltd

Greater operational life, better product performance and lower costs have been key to opening up new markets.

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Knowledge Transfer Adviser interview

For companies at the stage of hiring, making the project a KTP can de-risk the development and lower cost.

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Developing technology with real benefit

Developing state-of-the-art contact lenses for people suffering from visual loss due to irregular corneas.

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Improving laboratory efficiency

Through a KTP, CSols Ltd developed entities to act as software wrappers for a variety of lab equipment.

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Case Study 1

Improving dairy calf welfare and lifetime productivity

Tesco worked with Wood Park Farm to improve the health and welfare of dairy calves and cows.

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Insight through measurement

Wadaro Ltd’s three year KTP aims to improve positional evaluation of mobile network performance.

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Case Study 2


Using OLEDs as a primary care intervention for the treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy and Age-related Macular Degeneration.

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Law Gazette: How legal tech can drive economic recovery

December 17, 2020

A KTP enabled the Law firm to embed a culture of innovation and unlock further investments, generating both efficiency and accuracy of case processing, boosting profitability and market share.

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sept 2020 AI

New Statesman Spotlight report: AI and automation

September 9, 2020

Through a KTP, the University has been working with another personal injury claimant law firm to develop support tools for their specialist area of law using our AI research.

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