Winners 2013

£10,000 Awards

  • Prof Rachel Williams – Eye and Vision Science
    Antimicrobial contact lenses
  • Dr Ioannis Kougioumtzoglou - Centre for Engineering Sustainability
    Efficient Uncertainty Quantification Techniques for Drill-String Dynamics
  • Dr Wenhu Tang - Electrical Engineering and Electronics
    Advanced modelling and fault diagnosis for off-shore wind generation systems using permanent magnet direct-drive technology
  • Dr Fiona Rowe - School of Health Sciences
    Evaluation of the validity of Octopus and Humphrey perimetry in detection of subtle neurological visual field loss
  • Hilary Dreaves - Public Health and Policy
    Indian –European Research Networking Programme Bid
  • Prof Alan Harding – Institute of Public Policy & Practice
    Evaluation of the Impact of the Liverpool Mayoral Model and Mayoral Development Corporation
  • Dr Lu-Gang Yu - Gastroenterology
    Compound library screening for anti-cancer drug development
  • Prof Yi Huang - Electrical Engineering and Electronics
    Efficient and effective evaluation of mobile wireless devices and systems
  • Dr John McGarry - School of Veterinary Science
    High-throughput sequencing-based pathogen discovery in cases of seasonal canine illness in the UK
  • Prof Barry Godfrey - Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology
    Financial inclusion and intergenerational coping strategies: Knowsley 1914-2014
  • Prof Stephen Taylor - Electrical Engineering and Electronics
    Pre-prototype development of a portable linear ion trap mass spectrometer for security applications
  • Dr Corina Constantinescu - Mathematical Sciences
    Calibrating new default risks models to market data
  • Dr Helen Wallace - Cellular and Molecular Physiology
    The evaluation of a potential new therapy for cystic fibrosis in a mouse model
  • Dr Volfango Bertola - Centre for Engineering Dynamics
    Development of a novel spray generator based on the UMPF technology
  • Dr Emma Boyland - Psychological Sciences
    Effects of textual warnings for food and beverages advertisements on children’s choice and intake response
  • Prof Jason Ralph - Electrical Engineering and Electronics
    SAFE-T (Situation Assess, Formulate plan, Execute plan – Team learning) Autonomous Systems for Increasing Situation Awareness and Team Learning in Critical Incident
  • Dr Rob Poole
    Understanding the flow of complex fluids using 3D velocimetry

£5,000 Awards

  • Prof Chris Proudman - Gastroenterology
    HorseFEED: Horse Faecal Evaluation and Diagnostics
  • Prof Joe Spencer - Electrical Engineering and Electronics
    Mobile Phone Chromatic Monitoring Of Neonatal Jaundice In Rural Indian Communities
  • Dr Ross McGarry - Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology
    Beyond Bassett Archiving public sentiment during the wars in Afghanistan & Iraq
  • Dr Urmila Jha Thakur - Geography and Planning
    Enhancing Attractiveness and Relevance of Environmental Assessment and Management related Higher Education in the UK
  • Dr Jorge Hernandez - Marketing and Operations
    Using computerised simulation to plan and optimise the antenatal clinic patient flow in NHS hospitals
  • Prof David Pilgrim - Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology
    Improving the lives of disabled people on the Wirral within a personalisation policy framework
  • Prof Jude Robinson - Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology
    Developing new opportunities to engage with young people to improve their health and wellbeing
  • Dr Ekaterina Balabanova - Communication and Media
    Understanding impact in human rights campaigns
  • Dr Xin Tu - Electrical Engineering and Electronics
    Environmental – Innovative Technology Deployment - Plasma-catalytic Destruction of Environmental Pollutants in Waste Gas Streams
  • Dr Riaz Akhtar - Centre for Materials and Structures
    Biomechanical Optimisation of a Novel Renal Therapy Device
  • Dr Joanne Meehan - Marketing and Operations
    Developing a procurement innovation strategy for Liverpool City Region
  • Dr Sandeep Parmar - English
    Port of Call: Poetics, Translation and Cultural Transmission
  • Debra Morris - Law
    Measuring the Impact of Legal Aid Cuts on Advice-Giving Charities in Liverpool
  • Prof Richard Koeck - Architecture
    The Survey of London: Mobile Access to Urban Audio Archives
  • Dr Katie Bristow
    Partnership with health and social care services to increase access for women with perinatal depression
  • Prof Rhiannon Corcoran
    The Prosocial Place: cooperation, mental health and the urban environment – establishing the programme partnerships.