Winners 2012

£10,000 Awards

  • Prof Youqiang Ke and Dr Shiva Seyed Forootan – Translational Medicine 
    Health and Safety issues in surface modification with novel nanomaterials
  • Maureen Gambles Institute of Translational Medicine, Marie Curie Palliative Care Institute, Liverpool
    Piloting an adapted version of the Liverpool Care Pathway for the Dying Patient (LCP) for use in UK prisons
  • Dr Zhongwei Guan – Science & Engineering
    Smart ‘Bandage’ Sensor System – Personalised Health Tool
  • Dr Munira Raja – Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics
    Development of flexible low-cost organic circuitry for use in diagnostic sensors

    £5,000 Awards

    • Dr Rachel Williams – Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease, Department of Eye and Vision Science
      Silica Platelets or Aggregates for Inhibition of Oral Candida Albicans 
    • Iain Young – Institute of Integrative Biology
      Feasibility – Business Plan for Aquaculture Production and Innovation Centre
    • Dr Matthew Baylis – Institute of Infection and Global Health
      Improved traps for Culicoides biting midges, the vectors of bluetongue
    • Dr John Jenkins - Translational Medicine
      Feasibility Study of Proteomic drug targets for colorectal cancer
    • Prof. Tim Kirkham - Experimental Psychology/IPHS
      Emotional Influences on Food Choice and Experience
    • Dr Mark O’Brien – Centre for Lifelong Learning
      Liverpool Fairness Commission Research
    • Professor Dominic Elliott – Management School
      Evaluating Crisis Preparedness at Coca-Cola – Developing a diagnostic tool
    • Panayiota Vassilopoulou - School of the Arts, Philosophy Department
      HOSPITALITY: Philosophy and Liverpool Biennial 2012
    • Professor Elena Antonacopoulou – Management School
      Capturing Insights from Lived Experiences of Impact: Managing Change in China
    • Diane Frost, Helen Porter, Katinka Weber - School of Sociology and Social Policy
      Having Their Say: Liverpool community archive of the 2011 riots
    • Michael Beer / Edoardo Patelli - Centre of Sustainability Engineering
      Developing the front end for a general purpose software for uncertainties and risk quantification
    • Dr Jose A. Lopez-Sanchez - Stephenson’s Institute for Renewable Energy (Chemistry)
      Workshop on Biorenewables