• Andy Plater – S&E
    The Energy River: realizing energy potential from the River Mersey
  • Bettina Wilm - HLS
    Analysing the efficacy and safety of human cord-derived MCSs as regenerative medicine therapies
  • Charles Esdaile - HSS
    Tha Battle of Waterloo: e-exploration and discovery
  • Christine Schwobel-Patel - HSS
    Addressing the stereotyping of the victims of conflict
  • David Dennis – S&E
    Development of an experimental facility to investigate the flow of nuclear waste in partially-filled pipes
  • David Hering - HSS
    Illustrating Futures
  • Eduardo Coutinho - HSS
    Music selections for improving road safety
  • Gemma Catney – S&E
    Ethnic diversity, segregation and inequalities in England and Wales (£8,515)
  • Hossein Sharifi - HSS
    HEI-industry knowledge exchange models
  • Jon Coleman – S&E
    Extremely low cost plastic scintillators
  • Karl Tuyls – S&E
    Industrial mobile robotics for the factory of the future
  • Lin Jiang – S&E
    Advanced control of energy efficient high-speed elevator
  • Martin Mortimer - HLS
    Connectivity across the supply chain - the value of wastes in aquaculture and agriculture
  • Pippa Hunter-Jones - HSS
    Options 4 You
  • Rachel Williams - HLS
    Novel peptide gels for corneal endothelial cell transplantation
  • Raechelle D'Sa – S&E
    Functionalised nanoparticles for wound healing applications
  • Riaz Akhtar – S&E
    A micro needle array for the treatment of middle ear disorders
  • Robin Crompton - HLS
    Validation and optimization of a novel body/helmet mounted sensor array for bicyclists and motorcyclists
  • Sally Sheard - HLS
    Health and the City: uncovering Liverpool's key historical contributions