• Nagesh Kalakonda (Mosavar Farahani) - ITM - Molecular and Clinical Cancer Medicine
    Identification and validation of exosomal microRNAs that predicts responses to chemo-immunotherapy in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL)for biomarker discovery
  • Ainhoa Mielgo – ITM Health Sciences
    Testing the therapeutic benefits of combining gemcitabine treatment with IGF blocking antibody in pancreatic cancer
  • Sajjad Ahmed - IACD
    The development of a bench-top isolation system for novel cell therapies
  • Enitan Carol - ITM
    Feasibility Investigation of Nano Electrode Sepsis Test (FINEST)
  • Freya O'Brien - IPHS - Psychology/ Institute of Learning & Teaching
    An empirical model of trafficking for the purpose of labour exploitation and how it relates to outcomes of the case.
  • Sudeep Pushpakom - ITM - Molecular and Clinical Cancer Medicine
    In silico - In vitro strategy for drug repurposing to treat insulin resistance-mediated metabolic disease
  • Takao Sakai - Department of Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology
    Development of a novel non-invasive imaging strategy in living mice during the development of liver fibrosis
  • John Field – Translational Medicine
    TAm-Seq technology for the identification of tumour mutations in circulating DNA
  • Anthony Hall - Institute of Integrative Biology
    Production of active component for a natural sunscreen through synthetic biology.
  • Adam Noble - IPHS - Psychological Sciences
    Building a partnership with the UK ambulance service: a project to improve the support given to ambulance crews in the management of seizures.
  • Jonathan Tonge - Histories Languages & Cultures
    A Membership Survey of the Ulster Unionist Party
  • Maria Power – Institute of Irish Studies
    Faith in Work
  • Tuba Kocaturk - Architecture
    Resilient Urban Ecosystem (RUE) Network
  • Christina Malathouni - Architecture
    Future Heritage: tracing architectural excellence and empowering communities
  • James Organ - School of Law and Social Justice
    Developing a European network to influence reforms of EU democracy and enhance the democratic participation of EU citizens
  • Alex Balch - Histories, Languages and Cultures
    Breaking the chains: Employability and the Reintegration of Victims of Modern Slavery
  • Freya Jarman / Sara Cohen – Institute of Popular Music
    Music, Photographs, and Storytelling
  • David Martin - Physics
    Optimisation of the injection speed of a novel silicone oil tamponade for vitreoretinal surgery
  • Tara Shears - School of Physical Sciences
    COLLIDE: A Liverpool-CERN Arts Science Collider pilot.
  • Xin Tu - EEECS
    Development of a plasma vitrification process for nuclear waste treatment
  • Andrew Carnell - Chemistry
    Feasibility for interfacing the HMF bioconversion to FDCA with up and downstream processes for bio-based polyester production.
  • Xu Zhu - EEECS
    Demonstration of a Machine Learning enabled IT Solution for Building Energy Management
  • Yuyuan Zhao - Engineering
    Development of technology for creating directional porosity in LCS porous metals
  • Bethan Evans - Geography and Planning, School of Environmental Sciences
    Flying while Fat
  • Andy Morse - Environmental Sciences/Geography and Planning
    LEAF - Liverpool Environmental App Framework
  • Neil Berry - Chemistry
    Realisation of a Novel Molecular Library for Drug Discovery through Molecular Modelling
  • Lin Jiang - EEE
    Intelligent energy Efficiency cleanroom control unit