• Roman Boulatov - Physical Sciences
    A new approach for understanding mechanochemical oxidation of tyre materials
  • Jude Curran - Engineering
    Application of synthetic osteoinductive coatings to dental implants to enhance performance and minimise the risk of failure.
  • Tim Veal
    Optimizing transparent conducting oxide glass coatings for solar cells and displays
  • Rachel Williams - IACD
    Novel corneal crosslinking for the treatment of keratoconus
  • James Walsh - EEE&CS 
    Additive Free Baking: A feasibility study using plasma treated flour.
  • Rachel Oldershaw – IACD
    Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction as a clinical exemplar for the development of advanced surgical techniques using stem cell therapies.
  • Lisa Shaw - HLC
    Cinema, Memory and Well-Being: Taking Film and Health Benefits to the Elderly Community of Merseyside and Petropolis Brazil
  • Ian Prior - ITM  
    Kinome profiling to identify targets for therapeutic drug development.
  • Cathy McGowan - IACD
    Prevalence and risk factors for equine metabolic syndrome (EMS) (developing global market potential for pharmaceutical/nutraceutical management for EMS in the UK)
  • Emma Boyland - IPHS   
    Towards tackling the global problem of childhood obesity: An investigation of the impact of a dietary health-themed animated television programme ‘NutriVentures’ on children’s eating behaviours.
  • Richard Koeck - Arts      
    Cinematic Geographies of Battersea: Generating and Gathering Impact
  • Kris D'Aout - IACD
    Assessing impact, stability and safety of minimal versus conventional footwear for daily activities
  • Xin Tu -EEE&CS
    Novel plasma-catalytic process for the conversion flared shale gas into value-added fuels and chemicals
  • Panayiota Vassilopoulou - Arts
    Pedagogy of Reflection: Philosophy, Art, and Science
  • Nandini Das - Arts
    Developing an Augmented Reality (AR) application for Kolkata, India
  • Rhiannon Corcoran IPHS
    Designing Urban Well-Being
  • Andrew Weeks -ITM     
    The PPH Butterfly: Market Validation for the development of the PPH Butterfly Opportunity
  • Haifei Zhang - Physical Sciences 
    Mechanical and Thermal Prooerties of Nanodiamond Coatinq and Comoosites
  • Carrie Duckworth – ITM
    Identification of targets for the future development of inflammatory bowel disease therapeutics.
  • Roula Michaelides - ULMS
    Value based procurement in the NHS
  • Les Roberts - Arts
    Engaging the city in film: developing curatorial and knowledge exchange partnerships to strengthen and examine the impacts of Liverpool’s film heritage
  • Claire Moxham - ULMS
    Understanding social value: Definition, demonstration and dissemination
  • Rob Christley - IGH
    Partnering with Merseyside Police to reduce injury and deaths due to dog bites
  • Graham Dockray - ITM  
    Development of biomarkers for monitoring anti-gastrin therapy
  • Lakis Liloglou - ITM
    Consultancy on DNA methylation analysis
  • Russell Martin - EEE&CS
    Quantum of Value, Software Development and Further Relationship Building
  • Alan Haycox - ULMS
    Kidney Stones
  • Supriya Garikipati - ULMS
    Rethinking Reproductive Health Education: A Utility-Based Curriculum for High School Girls in Developing Countries