• Malcolm Bennett - Vets / IGH
    TB in Cheshire badgers – developing an evidence base
  • Barry Campbell – ITM
    Anti-microbial application technologies for Clostridium difficile spore deactivation
  • Atif Rahman – IPHS
    Humanitarian mental health research training in South Asia
  • Sajjad Ahmad – IACD
    The culture and analysis of human corneal epithelial stem ce
  • Andrea Varro – ITM
    Development of a novel biomarker diagnostic test to identify patients at risk of gastric cancer
  • Greg Hurst – IIB
    Friend or foe: Establishing the role of Arsenophonus in honey bee health
  • Matt Field – IPHS
    Evaluation of a smartphone application for the reduction of alcohol consumption in problem drinkers
  • Susan Pickard - Law & Social Justice
    Introducing age studies into the curricula of key Universities in the Punjab region of Pakistan
  • Lynn Hancock - Law & Social Justice
    Visible and invisible civic engagement with other adults in two low income communities in Liverpool
  • Nicola Headlam - Public Policy
    The Baltic Triangle: networks and assets of an 'escalator' neighbourhood in transition
  • Amandine Garde - Law & Social Justice
    Health Promotion, Food Marketing and Obesity Prevention: What Can France Learn from the UK Experience?
  • Alex Singleton - Environmental Sciences
    Big Data Visualisation of Broadband Equity
  • Karyn Morrissey - Environmental Sciences
    A methodological framework for understanding public perceptions to hazardous chemical management
  • Dmitry Shchukin - Chemistry / Stephenson
    Smart Biocide Systems - Innovative Antifoulding Materials for Indoor / Outdoor Applications
  • Kate Black – Engineering
    A novel inkjet manufacturing method for trace metal sensors
  • Paolo Paoletti – Engineering
    A low cost integrated platform for AFM spectroscopy calibration
  • Jose Lopez-Sanchez - Chemistry / Stephenson
    Novel Biorenewable polyester resins development via high-throughput methods: proof of concept studies for the development of a new partnership with Becker's Group
  • Yi Huang - EEE & CS
    A feasibility Study of a Novel High-Power Pulse Generator for EMP Tests
  • Lei Su - EEE & CS
    Image restoration for flexible single-fibre endoscope