KE Vouchers

Winners 2009/10

Round 1

£7,000 Awards

  • Professor Jim Marshall - School of the Environment [click here to read the CASE STUDY]
    Application of stable isotopic and elemental chemostratigraphy to shale resource plays.
  • Dr. Robert Smith – Department of Animal & Population Health
    Predicting animal health, fertility and production efficiency from novel dairy milk component analysis.
  • Dr. Hossam Ismail – Management School
    Virtual modelling and simulation for optimising the F35 JSF Northwest supply chain.

£3,000 Awards

  • Dr. Kate Glennon – School of Medical Education
    Validation of a tool designed to access team-working and leadership in a sample of junior hospital doctors. 
  • Professor Gareth Padfield – School of Engineering
    J2 aircraft model validation
  • Dr. Alexandrina Buchanan – Department of History [click here to read the CASE STUDY]
    Manchester Deaf Centre archives and record keeping with deaf communities.
  • Dr. Marco Bertamini – Department of Psychology  [click here to read the CASE STUDY]
    Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT)

Round 2

£7,000 voucher

  • Professor Constant M.G. van den Berg & Dr. Pascal Salaun – Earth & Ocean Sciences
    Micro-electrodes for metal detection in waters and waste waters
  • Dr.Yaochun Shen – Electrical Engineering & Electronics
    High Value Pharmaceutical Sector – High Throughput Pharmaceutical Tablet Analysis using Terahertz and IR Technology
  • Dr. Andy Plater - School of Environmental Sciences
    The economic impacts of climate change on Liverpool City Council service provision.
  • Ms. Louise Hardwick – Sociology & Social Policy [click here to read the CASE STUDY]
    Practitioner Research in Action
  • Professor James Stewart - Infection & Host Defence
    Effects of NK1/2 receptor antagonists on respiratory virus infection (RSV) and investigations towards therapeutic intervention in RSV-associated disease 

£4,000 voucher

  • Dr. Jamie Harle & Ms. Julie Walton - Health Sciences
    An Ultrasound testing facility for evaluating medical device output

£3,000 voucher

  • Dr. Mike Garvey – Physics
    Non-stick Coating
  • Dr. Andrew Carnell – Chemistry
    Developing PhosphonicS functional silicas as tunable enzyme support systems
  • Dr. Andrew Fogg – Chemistry
    Selective Removal of Organic Impurities from Glycerol Using Layered Double Hydroxides
  • Dr. Dave Adams – Chemistry
    Small molecule hydrogelators as additives in inkjet formulations
  • Dr. Josie Billington – English
    Reading for pleasure with failing children: benefiting the community, Arts’ student experience and research culture
  • Dr. Nandini Das – English [click here to read the CASE STUDY]
    Shakespeare on page and stage: exploring the interaction of research, learning and practice
  • Dr. D Frost & Dr. L Hancock – Sociology & Social Policy [click here to read the CASE STUDY]
    Reviewing the extent and impact of migration to the UK – a report for UK Border Agency National Museum
  • Dr. Mark O'Brien – Educational Development Division (CLL) [click here to read the CASE STUDY]
    Developing a model of accredited community research
  • Dr. Qibo Zhang – Infection and Host Defence
    Investigation on vaccine potential of novel pneumococcal vaccines
  • Dr. Michael Cross – Pharmacology
    Determination of drug elution profiles in prototype drug eluting balloons to treat peripheral vascular disease