Knowledge Exchange and Impact

Knowledge Exchange is the mutually beneficial sharing of ideas, data, experience, and expertise, and involves collaboration between researchers and external organisations or the public.

Engaging with external organisations often sparks new ideas, creating opportunities to try out new research ideas. It can also make teaching more relevant to students’ job prospects; improve teaching practice and open up additional funding streams that allows for further investments in research equipment and staff.

Today there is a growing recognition that HEIs have a vital role to play in the economic prosperity, quality of life and cultural enrichment of society.

The University’s vision is that we should strive to make an even bigger contribution to society by collaborating in the creation and application of our research excellence. We aim to be thought leaders and innovators whose work helps to find solutions to the most pressing global challenges – we can only do that if we look beyond the University.

The Tate Partnership is a successful outcome of Knowledge Exchange at the University of Liverpool. Tate's public engagement initiative, Tate Exchange, provides a focus for interactive projects that support Tate's exhibitions and enables the University to engage with new audiences.