How to report suspect emails

‌When forwarding a suspicious email to IT Services we need you to include the full headers so all of the information about the email is included:

Outlook 2019

  • Double-click on the message to open it.
  • On the Message tab, there is a group of icons under the title Respond.
  • Click the More button and then select Forward as Attachment.

    ‌ outlook2013fullheaders
  • Enter in the To: box.
  • Click Send.

Alternatively, select the email you want to forward and press Ctrl + Alt + F to forward it as an attachment. Send the email to


Outlook on the Web

  • Create a new email and start writing your message to
  • Click the Open in new window icon in the top-right of the message area to open your email in its own window.
  • Locate the email whose headers you want to send, then drag it into the email you are writing.
  • The original email will be attached to your email with full headers.
  • Complete and send your email