Follow-You printing for students

Follow-You printing means you are in control of what you print, when you print it and which printer you use. 

If you are using one of the computers in the Sydney Jones Library, Harold Cohen Library or any of the PC Teaching Centres, you can send an item to print and then choose the printer from which you want to retrieve it - release your printing from any Ricoh machine in either of the main libraries or any centre just by swiping your smart card and following a few simple steps. If your smart card is unrecognised or you havent got it with you, you can log onto the Ricoh with your username and password!

The print queues are simplified and the default is Student (on Print3 or Print4)

The default settings are for duplexblack & white printing so care should be taken to check the settings before sending to print.

Many Ricohs support A3 as well as A4 printing and colour as well as black and white, although some caution is required when choosing which Ricoh to release to (ie check it has an A3 paper drawer before releasing an A3 print).

You can use the Ricoh machines to print, copy and scan using these .

Posters are categorised as specialised printing and will continue to be handled differently.

Benefits of Follow-You printing include:

  • Banner pages will no longer be printed - reducing waste.
  • No risk of your printing being accidently taken by someone else (unless you walk away from the Ricoh!)
  • You can print from any Ricoh MFD, not just the one closest to you.
  • You dont have to print everything you have sent to print - reducing waste.
  • Your printing will only be released when you want it to be so you dont have to keep going to the printer.