Printing off campus or on campus from stand alone Windows PCs

To be able to submit items to print from off campus or to enable printing on non MWS windows machines on campus you need to use Internet Explorer. It is not possible to set up Follow-You printing using other browsers.

To set up Follow-You printing click on the appropriate link:

If you are using Internet Explorer 10, you will need to use compatibility view. Tap/Click the Compatibility View button   in the address bar.

You will be prompted to logon using your MWS username and password.  A screen similar to the one below will appear:


If you are using a non-MWS machine, click Tools > Internet Options, select the Security tab, choose Trusted Sites and add the site to your Trusted Sites zone. Trusted Sites must be set to medium-low or low. If not the printer will not install.

Click on the relevant queue.

On the left hand-side, under the heading Printer Actions, click Connect.


You will need to enter your MWS username and password in the form LIVAD\username then your usual password:


The printer can take up to a minute to install the driver.

When installed click on Click here to open the printers folder on your machine.

Right click on the printer then click on Printer properties.

Click on the Accessories tab


Untick Automatically Update Printer Information at the bottom of the window then choose MP C5501 from the drop down list above it (see picture above). Click Apply.

After up to 30 seconds the screen should change to:

Click on the Finisher SR3030  then click ok.  You should now have the printer installed. Note that it will default to colour printing - you may wish to change this setting when you send a document to print.

If you change your MWS password you will need to change it on the Internet Printing setup as well.

To update your password used for Internet printing:

On Windows 7: Choose Start > Run and enter Printui /s
On Windows XP: Choose Start > Run and enter rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /s

The Print Server Properties window will open:


Go to the Ports tab, scroll to the correct printer and select it.

Click Configure Port then enter your up-to-date MWS password.