Releasing Follow-You Printing on the RICOH MFDs

Locate the sensor on the RICOH MFD:

image of holding id card over sensor       

Swipe your id card over the sensor as below:

image of holding id card over sensor  

The first time you swipe in the following message will appear: Card not recognized.

image of screen saying card not recognised

You will have to register your card:

  • tap the User ID panel and enter your (MWS) username.
  • tap the Password panel and enter your password
  • tap the Login panel (top right – see image above)


Please Note:

this procedure is only necessary once. After you have registered, your card will be recognized automatically on any RICOH MFD).

if staff or PGRs do not have their card with them they will be able to identify themselves by entering their MWS username and password.


Once you have logged on to the Ricoh the Follow-You screen appears with your list of documents to be printed:


   image of print job list  

  • Select the document(s) you want to print:


  • You can de-select if you highlight in error
  • Press Print or Print&Save from the left hand menu (pressing Print&Save will keep the document in the list)

Logging Out

  • Tap the Logout panel (top of screen) when you have finished printing
  • You will logged out of the Ricoh automatically after 30 seconds.