Staff & PGR printing

Staff and PGRs use Follow-You printing for most of their work and can use any Ricoh Multi Functional Device (MFDs) wherever they are located. Posters are categorised as specialised printing and are handled differently.

Before you use Follow-You printing you need to follow a few simple procedures to set yourself up - you need only do this once. Instructions are available from the left hand menu for all of the possible options. 

With Follow-You printing you do not select a specific printer, printing is handled centrally and you choose which printer you release your printing to.

Please note: the default settings are for duplex,  black and white printing so care should be taken to check the settings before sending to print.

Many Ricohs support A3 as well as A4 printing and colour as well as black and white, although some caution is required when choosing which Ricoh to release to (ie check it has an A3 paper drawer before releasing an A3 print).

If staff or PGRs are logged on in a PC Centre or in the Libraries you should select the default print queue but  you will only be able to release your printing on Ricohs which are in the Libraies or PC centres, not back in your Department.

After submitting your printing simply go to any Ricoh MFD and release your printing.

Powering off Ricoh MFDs

Normally the Ricohs should be left on all the time, as they need to communicate occasionally with the server and do not draw much power when in sleep mode. If a Ricoh needs to be powered off please do this by using the Power down switch on the front or side and not at the wall as this can cause the machine to lose data.