Recovering deleted files on OneDrive

Deleted files go into your OneDrive Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin

You can restore a file from your OneDrive Recycle Bin at any time within a 90-day period. After 90 days they are deleted permanently.

If a file was deleted more than 90 days ago and is no longer in your recycle bin, it is very unlikely that it will be possible to recover it.

Find a lost or missing file

If you are not able to find a file, access OneDrive online by logging in at and use the search feature in OneDrive.

OneDrive Search Bar

Previous versions of a file

Files stored in OneDrive or SharePoint will retain a history of previous versions. You can view the history in OneDrive.

You can also view the previous versions bu opening the file in the appropriate Office application, such as Word. You can choose to restore a previous version if required.

Instructions for viewing previous versions of a file in OneDrive


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