Keep your cool

Published on 5 January 2017

Ah that lovely relaxed post-Christmas haze, I’ll just have that last chocolate orang… arrgh, exams… NEXT WEEK!

Don’t panic.

If you’re feeling the pressure we’re all here to help and don’t forget there’s plenty of tools to help you manage your revision. 

PC FinderPC Finder

We know the Library is the revision hot spot, but don’t forget there’s lots of PC’s elsewhere on campus. Some are nearer better coffee, have nicer views and are closer to your Halls. Our (award-winning) PC Finder tool can help you find your perfect revision spot – and helps you avoid wasting time wandering aimlessly around the library or trekking across campus. 

PC Finder is available online at and there's an app for iPhone and iPad.


If only you could remember the really important point from that lecture in October, you know when you got distracted by that Instagram notification… TA DA! VITAL Lecture notes and Stream Capture recordings are here to save the day. Don’t forget you can access VITAL on the move through the Blackboard app.

Apps Anywhere

Don't fancy a trip to campus? You can use specialist subject software on your own PC, laptop or tablet by using Apps Anywhere.

Apps Anywhere can also be useful if you want to run Windows software on your Apple Mac. If you need to access revision notes – or any other files on your M: drive – you can also use Apps Anywhere to do this (via Utilities > Windows Explorer).

internet-printing-iphonePrint Anywhere If you're in the library (or anywhere else on campus) using your own laptop, did you know you can print to the main campus printers?

Print Anywhere can be used to send documents to print either using the web portal at or by emailing the file as an attachment to (for black and white) or (for colour). You can then release your document from the printer as normal.